Power Volleyball

Reisterstown Power Volleyball League

Reisterstown Power Volleyball League plays Monday nights at Franklin Middle School in Reisterstown. The league is adult, playing modified coed sixes; a minimum of 2 women must be on the court. The league level is BB or A.

Teams and individuals interested in joining the league or individuals interested in winter pick-up should contact the coordinator, listed below.

Fall and Spring League

The league plays one season in the fall, from September through November, and another season in the spring, from April through June. The league presently accommodates 4 teams, with each team playing 3 matches per night from 7:30PM to 10:30PM. Future plans are to expand the league back to its former size of 8 teams, with each team playing 2 matches per night from 7:00PM to 9:00PM or from 9:00PM to 11:00PM. The league currently uses the old rules.  Games are regular scored to 15 points, not rally.

Winter Pick-Up

Reisterstown Power Volleyball offers adult pick-up volleyball on Monday nights from 9PM to 11PM from November through March.  Playing level is encouraged to be B or better.

League History

The league began in the fall of 1986, originally with 6 teams. In spring 1987 the league expanded to 8 teams and remained at that size until fall 2009. In fall 2009 the league shrank to 4 teams, and in fall 2010, the league consisted of 3 teams. The league is looking to expand by one team for spring 2013, and hopes to expand back to 8 teams for the fall 2013 season. The level of play has averaged BB over the years. The 3 teams presently in the league are evenly matched and play at a high BB level.

League Costs

The team cost for each season, fall or spring, is approximately $210, with $130 due at the beginning of the season, and $15 paid to the referee each week of the regular season (approximately 6 weeks). The season ends with a double elimination tournament.


The league currently employs only one referee for two courts. This helps keep the league cost down while there are only 4 teams. There have been no issues having one court with no referee. We are all friends playing the best sport of all.


Coordinator: Bruce Gerlach
Home Phone: 410 526-7351
Cell Phone (including text): 410 599-7162

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