General Board Meeting Minutes

9.13.2017 Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Motion to wave the reading of the minutes. Motion made and approved

Treasurer Report: Checks have been written by hand because could not access account. Company we used had been hacked, so it was down. Will be migrating account to QuickBooks. As soon as program is migrated to QuickBooks, checks will be computer generated and treasurer and program reports will be forthcoming.

Emailed Reports:

Chuck- Boys Basketball: Registration is open and will have an update by next meeting.

Larry- Senior Softball: The season has ended. It was a great year for the team. We are looking forward to an even better season next year. Thanks to Chris for his preparation of the field.

Shanie- RTP: Don't have an update since we've been dark for so long. My board is beginning to meet again and make plans for our upcoming season. I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as you guys know something. Please let me know if I need to do anything.

- Field Hockey: We just had our first game and opening day at the high school this past Sunday. The weather was beautiful and all of the teams had a great time. We are having a play for the cure day next month, October 22.

Marty- Indoor Lacrosse: Season games are proposed and planned to start October 21st and run through December 21st with at least minimum of 10 games for each team. Hopefully 12. Registration is very slow for Reisterstown and the other Baltimore County Rec Departments in our region that play along with us. 

Registration has been up for almost a month and we only have 37 people total registered as of now. It's looking pretty sad. Hopefully things will change but registration ends September 21st. The majority of the low numbers comes from the Lacrosse Club teams watering down their program and creating teams for almost every age group now. So the parents have it in their head that if they're paying to $2,000 a year it must be better than a Rec program. (For the little kids this is pretty much killing the rec program and wasting parents money. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

We are also going to be using one evening later in November as a evaluation for the 6 7 and 8 year old Tyker division because next year we are going to use CARBALCO for all the new kids and move the experience kids into playing with MYLA for their final year of the age group.

Bloomin Artfest: The 1st planning meeting will happen Tuesday, September 26th at 6pm at Long & Foster, 321 Main St. All are welcome.

Steven- Travel Softball:  Tournaments will be the last weekend September and last weekend in October. In house softball registration opens November 1st. Have all coaches coming back from last season.

Note: Requests for Melody at GroupNet should go to board as well so that we can let her know that your budget has been approved.

Larry- Men’s Pickup Basketball: Anxious to start our 26th year. Season runs Oct-April. Always looking for new recruits.

Brad-Indoor soccer: Will be starting registration soon.

Bruce-Adult Volleyball:  Program has been without a facility since May. Hoping to have a space ASAP. Original schedule for FMS was to be finished before school started this year. Hoping not going to be too much behind. Have not submitted a budget or facility request because not sure when the space will be available. Bob asks that the budget is submitted now.

Andy-Baseball: Fall started Saturday. Enough for 2 teams for all age groups, 7-8 have 3 teams. At 1st , did not have peewee coaches. Have them now. Had clinic last week.

Andre- Girls’ Basketball: Just getting registration link up. The travel inhouse league will include Liberty Road, Cockeysville, and Pikesville. Will meet with other rec commissioners to discuss scheduling. Anticipate about the same participation as last year.

Sherry- Reisterstown Festival: Very successful, huge crowds. Great turnout. Don’t have final numbers yet. Thanks to Steve and his group for selling sodas, thanks for the radio spots. Jameliah is the new secretary/treasurer. Online crowd control training. This is something that is offered through the counties. Will be sending information out to the programs. Policies/procedures for issues that arise.

Rachel-Ballet: BSG participated in the parade and festival this weekend. Got about 300 flyers out. Had our open house 3 weeks ago. Registration is low, about 60 kids. Hoping this will bump up. Classes start on Monday. Have a sponsor, Caliber collision. Fundraising coming up. Yankee Candle starting this month and a paint night.

Paul-Football: 2 games in. Everyone has their equipment. Just validated a couple people through Verizon, and received the pricematch donation.

President’s report- Jeff and Bob met with new principal at Franklin Middle School. He seems to be pretty involved. Renovations are about done. School is open, ac is in place. Expecting rec programs to be back into the school asap.

Got a nice note from Baltimore county. Council is recertified. Bi annual certification. Will be hiring a firm to manage and streamline processes.

Time to start thinking about next year’s board. Need to be considering new board members.

Jeff-Staff: Have talked to programs about getting permits. Have hired someone for Owings Mills so that can focus on Reisterstown. Have a new administration aide, Eva Wynn. Will have more time and resources at hand. Appreciate patience as learn. Beata has left. Kara is now the acting chief of rec and parks.

Motion to adjourn at 7:40. Approved