General Board Meeting June 14, 2017 Meeting called to order @ 7:08

Some of our board members are absent tonight.  

Waive reading minutes

Pat Brooks-Art fest and Main Street. Art fest was very successful thanks to Jeff and Franklin Elementary. We had a huge crowd. Indoor turned out really well. Also thanks to the secretary in the office that did all the copying. Music on Main starts soon and runs through Sept. Listing on Facebook page. National Night Out is coming up, all are welcome to have table. New banners are coming for Main Street. Totally new design. Signs good for 2 years. New ones are coming in fall. Clean up day is on June 24th, sponsored by Chartley country club, bring anything that you cannot put out on the curb. Dumpster will be behind Mars building from 9-12.

Larry Gellar-Senior softball. Finally got to play, had been rained out. Play at Hannah More Mon and Wed at 10am. Fields have been ready

Brad Trellis-Indoor soccer. Budget submitted

Jim Yarsky-Baseball. Everything going great, in playoffs.  Will be done end of this week

Rob and Carol-dog park. Some questions... would like to review budget with board. Also, some drainage issues at the dog park. Will talk to Jeff/Kara after the meeting. Another issue with the gate. Jeff will look into. Database issue- new registration is given an incorrect gate code. Have spoken with Melody, not getting fixed. Will email the issue to us and we will work on it.

Shanie-Reisterstown Theater Project. Program has been down for a year now because FMS working on install project for HVAC. Unfortunately, no exact finish date. Can speak with Randallstown Community Center to see if that is a possibility.

Tim Miller- Garden. Program doing well. Has a deposit slip for Suzy. Garden is full, nice and clean, a lot of good tenants. Put up a new fence portion. Growing well.

Myra-Girls Basketball. Starting summer session. Don't have many registered. If don't get more, will combine age groups. Just did a free clinic and had a good turnout for that.

Myra-Cheer. Registration is now open. Will be holding two walk-in registrations coming up.

Sherrie-Festival. Planning in full swing. Just announced 2nd half of bands, all schedule done. Actively promoting for vendors. Bob reminds to please contact bands and get all info for treasurer ahead. w9, etc needed.

Tiffany-Sylvan.  Successful programs ran at schools for the spring. Schools have asked to come back. Need to speak with board. Will meet at end of meeting.

Erica-Resident- Local resident, interested in community, wanted to come to see what is happening around town.

Kellie-Ballet. Sent a group of dancers to the local Nursing Home to perform at the end of April. Held our  recitals. Prek at the beginning of May, 1-12 mid June. Asked for donations of canned food/non-perishable items at the recitals, donated 200+pounds of food to the local food bank. Also took donations for a local family's foundation, donated $300 to cystic fibrosis . Start next session in September.

Tom-Wrestling. Off season. Held a successful spring season/clinic.

Danielle- Secretary notes:

Mega Sports and Arts Camp kicks off Monday, 6/19.

Middle School Cheer and Madness camps kick of Sunday, 6/25.


Paul-Football. Registration open, 30 kids registered. Football will start the first week of august…. Actually july 31st officially!!!! In general across the area registration is down. Ran a spring fundraiser, had 2 teams play in a spring league. Profits will benefit the fall. Success story, helped put 1 child in touch with a tutor. Everything ordered for fall, now need kids to register. Don't want coaches fighting over kids

Jeff-Staff. Currently working on fall permits. Please get them into the office. Have been working with programs trying to find alternate spaces because of the work at FHS and FMS. Submitted for the regional parks, as well. Working on getting another AA to help in the office.

Kara- Staff. Jeff doing a great job, very short staffed in the office. Have selected a replacement, but replacement had some vacation planned. Hope to have the new AA in place in July. Jeff taking care of both Reisterstown and Owings Mills. Trying to get staff in place. Inherited the Reisterstown community about a year ago.

Bob-President. We were going to have party, will reschedule for late august. It will be a free cookout party for volunteers, would like you to invite your volunteers. Met yesterday with Sid White at FHS. He and his students will be building a menorah. We will have a Christmas tree lighting with menorah lighting ahead of the Christmas tree sale. Tree sale money goes to support the American Legion. Will have this built by the fall, hopefully and hope to store in the barn. Will turn over to Tim Miller for our nominating committee. Rachel and Tom will be leaving board. Tom has done a fantastic job with our computer issues. Rachel has been working on the volunteer program guidelines.

Tim-Nominating Committee.  1st VP,  VP of Non-Sports, and VP of Girls Sports. Shanie nominated for Non-Sports. Shanie may be leaving RTP, cannot accept. Myra nominated  for Girls Sports. Liz nominated for 1st VP. Open for additional nominations. No additional nominations. No one running opposed. All nominations accepted are approved.

Suzy has written all the check request she has, and will get them out to programs.

Meeting adjoined at 7:45 pm