Reisterstown Rec General Board Meeting called to order at 7:08pm 3/9/2017

Liz- intro President

Paul-intro VP for Boys Sports

Rachel- VP for Girls Sports/Activities

Suzy-Treasurer. Still have deposits not claimed. Please put your program on your deposit slip so that it can be credited to your acct.

Gina Snee has handed over financial process to Suzy, to balance accounts and credit card deposits. In the process of organizing the system, please let Suzy know if there are any issues.

In the past, program fees have not been withdrawn. They will be pulled going forward.

Tom-Wrestling: Program is in it’s last week. Sunday is state tournament. 5 qualifiers, close to half to state. Awards Monday and season is done. Taking registration for spring clinic. Will run once a week between spring break and Memorial Day. Attract kids that want to try it out but not put a whole program into it.

Lea, with Tim Wolf, planning to launch a church in the fall, getting to know the community.

Tim Wolf- Met with John a couple of weeks ago, invited them to the meeting.  New church will be the United Church.

Sean Briggs-President of Kiwanis club. Will be presenting some projects to the board after meeting

Jeff Grape- Filling in for John tonight. John is on vacation

Kara Burman-Regional coordinator for Region 1, filling in and helping out. Region 1, west side of Baltimore

Kellie-Ballet: Rachel has become our treasurer, has helped us track down some payments. We are getting ready for our recital in the spring, will hold at FHS.

Kimaada and Diandra-Cheer: Currently off-season. Next month will start.

Kyle-Summer playground: Will be working with Jordie this year. Camp will be at Glyndon elementary this year. Running 6 or 7 weeks, pending budget approval.

Andy-Baseball: Registration is still open to give the younger ones time to still register. Will start practice April 1st. Having registration issues with people being blocked from registering. Suzy will look into it.  Jim Yarsky is treasurer, and in charge of equipment

Bruce-Volleyball: Moved due to HVAC installation. Now at FH on Monday nights. All going well.

Chuck-Basketball: Just finished championship games this past weekend. 7-8 still making up for snow dates. A couple issues at HS, including vandalism a couple nights. Buddy opened up, kids in the school when they went in. Chased them out, but they already did the vandalism.

Rob-Dog Parc: Registration/new enrollment opens this month. Need to investigate landscapers. Request a copy of financial ledger. Suzy will take care of that.

Helene-Tiny Tots: Budget submitted. All good

Brad-Indoor Soccer: Season going well. 2 weeks left until start playoffs.

Billy Berman-Field Hockey: Budget approved, April 15th registration will go live.

Glen-Co-chair Field Hockey. All set pinnies ordered looking forward to

Brian-Sylvan: Program going well. School partnership going well. Robotics 6 enrollments at FES, plus a whole lot of interest. Glyndon ES coding, 8 enrollments. Excited to be part of the community.

Laura-Girls Softball: Registration is open till 17th, currently scheduling games. Have 3 times as many sponsors as we have teams. Great turnout. Need coaches for 10U. Is there an age requirement to be a coach? Should be 18, ok to have assistant coach with them over 18.

Tim-Festival: Planning is going well, picking bands right now. Looking at top-notch bands. Some are national acts. One from the voice. Renewed fireworks contract for next year.

Liz- Issue with new regional park rules. Bob and Liz have a meeting with Kara and Beata. To be  discussed: programs that use or have been rejected from the regional park, want to talk. Meeting is the 17th, so need to be in contact with board soon. Because of way they restructured things, only have 1 person in charge of all the regional parks in the community. Guidelines have changed. Purposeof the regional parks was to accommodate overflow. Communities have gotten away from that and used it even though other facilities are available. Now encouraging programs to use facilities in their community first.

Reports from other programs not in attendance:

Larry Lichtenauer- Men’s Basketball @ Cedarmere- My program runs for seven more weeks. All is good.

Mary – Bloomin Artfest- Just reminding everyone that planning is underway for Bloomin' ArtFest, to be held Saturday, May 13th 10am - 5pm at the new location Franklin Elementary School.

Marty, LACROSSE: Spring Outdoor

Registration has officially wrapped up and uniforms are currently in production by Lax World. We have a total of 8 teams this year. 4 boys and 4 girls.

Regretfully we had to turn away the future of our programs growth, Our 7-8 year old girls, as we could not get any volunteers to coach. We had to refer these girls to our neighboring program in Gamber. Hopefully we can get a coach lined up before next year and that the girls will be willing to come back to play in Reisterstown.

After numerous obstacles, new rules or procedures we never knew about... we tackled one issue at at time. (A BIG THANKS TO PAUL CARR!! He was a great help and resource to the lacrosse program keeping things on track.

MYLA - Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association-

Also did some work behind the scenes for us in acquiring fields as well)

March 4th our season officially begun.

We wrapped up indoor warm ups and are now beginning to hold practices outside. All the fields were lined buy a independent contractor this past Sunday. They lined 3 at Hannah More and 1at Cedarmere Elementary.

We were able to find someone to move Lacrosse goals for us from RRP, where we were storing most of the programs goals, and get them out to the fields.

Games will begin starting the weekend of April 1st and 2nd and weekday games will begin April 18th.

LACROSSE: Lax Meltdown Tournament

We were unable to get the annual Reisterstown Lax Meltdown tournament up and running this year. After some preparation planning we were told by the county that we were unable to have a tournament.

There were new rules instituted about putting on tournaments but we were never made aware of those new rules before it was to late.

LACROSSE: Franklin Elementary School

The elementary school program is just getting underway. This year the chairperson of the middle school program is Vincent Caccamisi. He is replacing Andy Alvarez  who  has moved  how to the area  Vince's son just started at Franklin Middle School  so he looks to be around for a while. Vince held tryouts Tuesday March 7th. I am not sure how this year has went but I hear it is a very large turnout. They are looking into possibly expanding teams but for now they are looking at one boys team and one girls team, just lime last year. They have received their game schedule and we have locked in the field's.

Once the teams are set. The next step will be getting their uniforms and spiritwear orders placed.


How does communication between the rec department and Franklin High School work? Is there someone that is supposed to notify the county when the school is using the turf field for extra or extended amount of time? The county give us permits from 6 p.m. until 9p.m. and I know that Franklin High School has priority over anyone else but is there supposed to be someone to let the Rec department know so that they Rec in-turn can let us know that they are using the field longer then the times we were told they would be finished by?

This was from one of our Lightning coaches (9-10 girls) on Tuesday night at Franklin High School:

"Also just a FYI. Yesterday the Franklin High team stayed on the field until 7:15 during our practice. Is this the norm?  Was kind of dangerous with the High School boys balls flying all over the place"


Letter from John to the Basketball commissioners.

I wish I could personally read this letter tonight, but I am away in very sunny Florida.

I want to express my gratitude to both Myra and Chuck as basketball commissioners.

This council is so fortunate to have these 2 outstanding volunteers.

These are just a sample of the things they had to endure during the season:

Inclement weather cancellations by the school for the weekend, when predicated snow storm did not occur.

With one week notice, all indoor usage must be cancelled due to the middle school’s HVAC project – which is just before play-offs.

The remote to lower the basketball rims was locked in the Athletic Director’s office during play-offs.

A school called rec office at 4 PM and leaves a message to inform us about a special event that evening and we need to cancel all indoor usage. Of course, the office does not receive the message until the next day.

Teams arrive to play and they find the middle or high school gym is an absolute mess with pizza boxes, drink containers and trash scattered all over the place, since they had a game earlier that day

The lights go out in a middle of a game and staff does not have keys to switch.

Leader’s car broke down and his substitute is ½ hour late in arriving and it is below 30 degrees outside with 30 players, coaches and parents waiting.

But, did that deter these commissioners. Did they call to complain and threaten to quit. Absolutely not, they were very resourceful in overcoming these obstacles.

Thank you Myra and Chuck.


Carolyn, Planning for Mega Sports and Arts Camp, Middle School Madness and Cheer Camp is underway.  All camps take place in June.

If someone is using the space, and you have a permit, they need to move along. If you are having trouble, can contact security at 443-809-6488

Brian, regarding facilities use request, should put new request for next school year. Unable to use during the summer.

Kiwanis will be giving a presentation directly following the meeting, raising money for playground equipment. All are welcome to stay.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm



Sean President of Kiwanis club, works with contractor to facilitate Playground construction targeting special needs. Work a lot with the county, so have an idea of processes. Want to replace one playground area at Hannah More Park.  County inspects equipment once year, if deemed unsafe, needs to be replaced. Designed to be usable by all children, including special needs children. Use community build, have the community come out and volunteer to help put the equipment together as a team. Foreman is CPS certified, oversee all the volunteers. After done, county inspects and approves them.

Bringing to RRC, need help with fundraising. Anyone who donates a certain amount of money will have name on equipment, name on sign. Program will need volunteers. Once get ball rolling with county, approvals, etc. overall project $150-160 thousand.

Council moves to approve. Tom will be your contact.