1/8/2017 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Liz is going to contact Gina. Need to clarify what she does and see if Suzy can take the responsibilities over. Gina is currently reconciling the accounts from July. She is too far behind.

We want to move away from the accounting software we are using and move towards QuickBooks online. Suzy is going to contact QuickBooks and then check with Cloud9.

Groupnet - Liz is going to ask if we can have a training from them. Rachel believes there is an online training manual on Groupnet. All Board members should have access to Groupnet. Needs to be updated so that they do.

Need to separate the Executive Board meetings from the General Meetings. We will have General Meetings bi-monthly, and Executive Board meetings on alternating months.

General- Sept, Nov, Jan**, Mar, May, June***. 

** January will be the Volunteer /American Legion Thank You party. Liz will head this committee

***June will be the Volunteer Thank You/Year-End Wrap-Up @RRP Pavilion. Paul & Rachel will head this committee.

Executive Board - Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, and As-Needed.

*Bob will head the Holiday Committee - Tree Lighting/Menorah, Christmas Carols to coincide with Tree sales.

*January party will included DJ, silent auction, door prizes.

Meetings will be changed - Seating in a circle, will include door prize for this January meeting. Need tablecloths/food. Will have themes for meetings: March Madness - basketball theme, May - T-shirts, June will be cookout. Invite individual programs to host/lead a meeting?

Danielle will email info about changes regarding meetings ASAP.

Need to keep a spreadsheet to include all budgets approved with date of submission and approval.

Sylvan budget needs to be updated to include the rest of the year rather than just 1 month.

Liz approves the $5 fee fir Rec to pay per person for CPR & AED training.

Liz is going to contact Kellie from Ballet and coordinate a meeting with Suzy to get the bank account/treasury organized and straightened out.