December Exec. Board Meeting.

Meeting Called to order @ 7:15.

Message from Liz: suggestion not join with Owings Mills at this point. Board discussed collaborations with them, and Kevin's (OM Rec president) dislike of letting others have control of things. Can speak to Liz and let her know that we can discuss with them.

Need to add light fixtures to the barn near the dog park. Very dark up there. Estimate brought up. Fixture LED on at dusk off at dawn. $2649. Would use county electricity.  Approved

Festival budget. Emailed to board. all approved.

Sent back Sylvan. Need to fix their budget. need expenses.

Soccer program. Permits pulled. Must run money through rec program, and follow rec rules. Need to let him know that we have issues with his budget.

Suzy needs access to PNC bank. We cannot see the money coming into accounts, so board does not know how much money is coming into a program account.

Signs. 2 proposals. Frank suggests having them come meet with the board. Tom's does not include permit issues. Tom will ask about permits

Field hockey budget. Will have a carryover. Approved.

Meeting adjourned, motion by Paul at 8pm. Danielle 2nd.