Meeting notes 11/2

Treasurer Note- No checks will be cut at the meetings any more. Request can be submitted at the end of meetings.

Strategy for Finding Social media Intern:

-Craig's List

-Stevenson U or Community College, Marketing/PR/Communications major: Problem with intern, will be training new one every 9 mo or so. If paid, could bring in freshman, keep till grad. Donations to Stevenson $?

-Hire company, social media firm

-Rockit Digital marketing

-Cathleen Dorsey has a business, currently contractor for chamber\-advance video systems, Stacey Gillis. Bob is going to make some calls.

soccer programs

-do we have to many programs? need to make a hierarchy for use of facilities. will revisit soccer to see how all the programs play out this year.

women's soccer

-Kathy needs to pay fees, owes $120 for last year. needs to be informed that all paper registration forms and payments must be turned into council and deposited in bank. last year none of the registration money was deposited.

Ref Pay

Suzy has set up ref pay and everything has been moved out of Pat's name and into hers. Marty from lacrosse just sent totals over to have money transferred for games played. would like someone to come train, but doesn't seem like this is something they offer. Ref pay has created sub accounts for the different programs.

Electric Sign

$10,000 for sign, $2000-$5000 more for installation, need permit & approval from senior center. 2 sided, 3 lines, 20 characters per line, can change every 30 seconds. same on both sides. can be updated by wireless remote control, likely can be controlled from the office. Website address should be on bottom of the sign, permanent, not part of the scroll. should get another proposal, will check with Anne Paulus. Can pay cash. Contact Senior center for approval and donation towards sign.

Budget Schedule

As budget comes in and gets approved, use last year's actual budget numbers from previous season to pull fees from account. Request to be submitted with budget approval, include youth leagues print out summary from last year's program. need 3 weeks for melody to open registration from time budget is approved. when do want program up and running? work backwards from there.

Public access to online forms

we have a place for chairperson, sign in and can access. need to be updated, need to appoint someone to upload updates as they come in.  need check request on chairperson forms. this can be part of the social media person's job. create a page for new programs & links to documents.

on site, need application to start new programs, budget form application, facility request form.

to share documents with board. Tom has created accounts for Microsoft office 365 to share documents. more info when we rec our accounts.

send letter to Kara requesting Admin job be 32 hours, not 24, as they have shortened the hours for the admin job to help John. include reis. rec board of directors

30 days from today, get all forms online for access.

general program notes

chairperson is responsible for everything that happens in program.

attendance for programs at the meetings in required, must attend 7 out of 10 to vote or take office. consequences for not attending: harassment by vp in charge of their program.

Christmas party-think on new ideas.