11/2016 Executive Board Meeting 

Called to Order at  7:13

Senior Softball budget. They are using the $5 fee instead of the $10. Need to let them know they need to change it to $10. Approved but needs to be adjusted.

Future reference, new programs requesting presentation should come at 7:30pm

Liz-Need to replace Gina. She is supposed to reconcile the bank account. Gets cc statements and records credits/debits.  Liz is going to reach out to her. Get a job description of everything she does. Suzy really needs to be able to reconcile. Is there anything Gina feels she needs to train someone on?

Tom-Can we create a report to be handed out to each program at the end of the program season. Deposits are donations/registrations/fees/fundraising. Expenses need receipts handed in, plus a category form that can break the expenses down into general across the board categories. Maybe we can use QuickBooks to create this form.  We can create a form to be handed in with the deposit slips breaking down the deposit into categories as well.

Can we use One Note/Office 365 to review budgets and documents and share them so that they are done before the meetings?

Sorting/storing documents. Season and year, program, form title, status (approved, denied, pending-with notes). Program application.

Need to have new updated forms up on the website, incident report, permit facilities requests, budget forms. Need to keep master copies separate from public. John will email forms he has to Tom.

Suzy- Costumes for Ballet. Request for $6000. Is it considered petty cash? Can she sign a statement for receiving the money before receiving the check? Will return unused funds within the week with receipts and make requests for any additional costume requirements along the way.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm