Executive Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/2016

Meeting Start @ 7:15 pm

Budget approvals:

Bloomin' Arts. They take their profits and donate to a community group. We need to know where/how much they are donating. Bob talked to Mary. $2000 to RIA for Main Street Improvements. Approved

Women's Soccer. Approved

Indoor Field Hockey.  Approved. We need to get in touch with Gina to clarify gift amounts/policy. Suzy will contact her.

Ballet. Approved

Rec. Office.  Approved

BARC Park.  Proposal is missing website project. Will need to add. Interim budget until January. Adding $1500 for website. Next Budget for 2017 due by next meeting. Approved.

Sunday Morning Soccer.  Approved

Year Round Youth Soccer.  Did not add set-up fee and per registrant fee. Council will pay this year, and next year he will include this year's and next year's fees in budget. Approved.

Ref Pay Policy. Need to adopt a policy. Option: Ref pay transferred by the treasurer. Chair needs to send to treasurer to transfer funds from bank to ref pay. Then the chair can go into the payer section of ref pay, make sure all the games were paid, and authorize payment. Takes about 3 days once the treasurer uploads the funds for them to be available.  Should the chair have access or should the treasurer be authorizing payment once confirming the games with the chair.  Can we have Lyle or LeAnn talk to us about the process?

Meeting called at 8:10 pm