General Board Meeting 10/19/2016 

Meeting start @ 8:10

John. Introduce Cara Baldwin. Regional Coordinator, Region 1 Office in Pikesville Middle. Reisterstown Office and Owings Mills Office condensing. Anything she can do to help out, feel free to reach out. Priority zones have not changed at our regional facility. If 2 priority users request a field for same time/date, lottery system used.  Looking to use facilities within community before using regional facilities. Construction within the community will affect some of these programs, and will need to be moved to regional centers.

Tom-Wresting. Registering now. Slow start to registration. Will start in November

Indoor Field hockey- Budget approved tonight. Will start registration in November.

Baseball- Submitted budget.

Outdoor field hockey- Will finish up Sunday. Doing a fundraiser. Last official meeting. 3 new taking up reins. Will be at next meeting.  Glenn Patrick, Wayne Tromble, and Berman . Need to go through equipment. Have given instructions and emails.

Boxing- Started back up, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for 1 hour. Started last month. Now co-ed. Enrollment is 12-14 people, ages 15 and up.

Ballet- Permits approved for Franklin HS for recital this year, with Randallstown as backup.

RTP- Working on HONK, story of the ugly duckling. All kids cast. Opening on the 28th of November. RTP will be a victim of the AC project, so going to take a hiatus. Know there is stuff at the barn to move, working on solution. Carol will check with property management to see if anything else needs to be moved. Picnic tables can be moved, county properties. Planning to get a storage unit at the school, but need to wait until the ac is installed. Per Ms. Maul, after AC is done, can put a storage unit on property. Will wait to hear if they need to move anything additional.

Girls basketball- In the middle of registering. Numbers are very low. Haven't set a deadline. Have 62 registered now, usually have 200. Have sent out a program wide email. Contact middle school to send out info about the program. Have the little ones registered in a new program, 23 littles registered. Spoke with Kevin from Owings Mills program. Going to play each other for in house games to add interest. Going to create a schedule that include Owings Mills and Reisterstown together. His younger girls are going to do travel, so may be a little more competitive. Bob suggests working details out for ref pay between the two programs. Finished with travel tryouts, had so many try out, so many cuts. Cannot create another team. Parents suggested having an outside person come in and evaluate. 

John- Can we do more than the quarterly newsletter? How can we reach out to the schools and get our programs out to the community? Can make contact of PTSA programs, give flyers to players, and they can distribute. Maybe get on the Facebook page for the schools.

Rachel- We need to have a media person. Can we work with a college student as an intern with volunteer hours and help them create a portfolio. It would be through each Rec office.

Need to create a Rec Facebook page. Problem would be who would run it?

Boys basketball- Numbers down across the board. People are using their equipment. Need to have that taken care of, otherwise the equipment ends up missing. Had evals last week, makeup tonight. Coaches meeting next Monday, drafts Tuesday/Wednesday, should be up and running by 1st week in November.

Bob- Tim says Christmas tree sales start November 28th. Please talk to your people to take a couple of nights. Rec works Monday thru Thursday. American Legion does Saturday and Sunday. Need people for drop off, early Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. He is going to send out a bulk email for sign ups. Danielle will help coordinate

Rachel- Girls softball out of season. November will have pitching clinic, December registration, January starts, mandatory practice

Football- On last week regular season, playoffs to follow

John- Reisterstown has the best community as far as school cooperation. So impressed with cooperation. Annie left. If you know anyone, send them John's way. Signs still posted wrong, at Hannah More, waiting for them to be fixed.

Cara- November 26th, Region 1 meeting will be held at Reisterstown Sportsplex. Liz will be attending.

Motion to adjourn at 9:02pm