9/14/2016 Executive Board Reisterstown Rec Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm


Liz and Rachel have met over summer. List of to-do's

Each board member have own rec email address. Should it be an address that bounces into personal email. If so, it will be replied from personal email.  Will be no record of that email. If not forwarding, will have to check a separate account for emails on a regular basis.

Bob suggests having a paid employee post items/updates to our web pages.

Suggestion for a schedule for budgets. Plan and implement for winter sports. Work with John on this. Need field allocations list. Annie will send it out.

Winter sports start in November. Maybe have budget in a month before permits requested. John can create a matrix for us.

If we have all the sports for the same season due at the same time, it will make it easier. We have a private page. We can post budget approvals to page to let them  know they were approved. Also have a place that budgets can be submitted. Youth league has a schedule of submissions for updates. Liz will contact Melody to see how our schedules can coincide for budgets and submissions.

List for hierarchy for use of space. Annie will send file.

Glyndon Tiny Tots. Addendum to budget, which was already approved. Additional staff because of increase in enrollment. Addendum approved.

Basket Ball Bootcamp. Approved.

Ballet.  Not Approved. Will redo

Reisterstown In-house Soccer.  Approved over summer.

Running Club. Approved over summer.

Mega Sports and Arts camp. Approved

Cheer Camp.  Approved

Middle School Madness Basketball.  Approved

Girls Softball In-House.  Approved

Indoor Soccer. Approved

Baseball, Travel fall In-house. Approved with change of leadership fees.

Liz will respond to email questions.    Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm