Soccer - (YEAR ROUND) - Adult - Sunday Morning Soccer Club

Every Sunday Morning 8:00am-10:30am at the Reisterstown Sportsplex (Indoor Soccer Field)

Commissioner/Chairman - Wil D'Addario -  Mobile: 410-739-8372

Program History

Steve Nowack although he has appointed himself chairman of the board was not even close to an original.  Paul was close but didn't find us until his son Matt started playing Pikesville Rec.

We began playing outdoor at Bedford Elementary in 1976. Coaches, parents and referees of the Pikesville Recreation Soccer program.

Bob Cohen, Paul Gullota, Marc Rubin, Larry Rubin, Dave Grzebien, Dennis Grzebien, Roger McClellan (Andy from Carroll Indoor is his younger brother), Steve Wexler, Jay Schreider, Ira Ackerman, Jack Wetherson, ? Mostovoy, Spiro Allegretti, Benito Rosenberg, Irv Walker, Jim Rothschild, Rueven and Shimon Zajdel and then we had some of the U14 players join us to fill out the teams Ian McClellan, Derek Meizlish, Jason Wexler, Craig Weinstein,Vadim Mostovoy.

1976  we got Sudbrook Middle School on Friday nights and continued playing Sunday mornings outdoors.

1979 We continued playing fall outdoor at Bedford-Sudbrook and this is where the Randallstown guys found us. Alan Ferber, Marc Hirshbein, Paul Bell

Around 1980 Sudbrook gym floor was warping and the school closed for renovations.

We moved to Pikesville Senior High School for indoor and also played in a indoor men's league at Beth Tfiloh. At Beth Tfiloh we had a good rivalry with the Isreali Sabra team which is where Moshe Shoshan and Jimmy Zuckerberg would have found out about us. Steve Nowack found us around this time, and Rich Gruber also joined around this time. Paul brought in a lot of his softball team so we got Bruce Eisenberg, and Donnie Weinapple at this time. Rich Lederman was one goalie, Ron Maleson was a second goalie and Andy McClellan was occassionally another, Marc wasn't playing indoor yet and Andrew would play when we were short players. Kirk Gorman, Wade Jocelyn, Matt Smith, Jeff Kurland, Gil Chlewicki  joined us around this time and Hirschbein brought in some more Randallstown guys Scott Moffett, Paul Shifren and his brother Aaron, Stu Rudo.

We had a good run at Pikesville Senior High but after some lights got broken by the ball, and the Rec Council was having trouble finding a leader on Sunday mornings so we got booted out.

1994? we switch to Owings Mills indoor with Paul Bell taking over the financial responsibilities, and for outdoor we switch to Timber Grove Elementary where we pick up the Reisterstown guys Lou Cohen, Shawn Cole, Larry Epstein. Wil DAddario started an indoor Men's League the first two years at Owings Mills Indoor and this would have been the time he found our group. Wil is now our Commissioner/Chairman and doing an incredible job.

2007 Owings Mills closes and we get a spot at Reisterstown Soccerplex.  We get the Carroll County guys to join us here.

Don't quote me on the dates but they are close and everyone can fill in the years they joined, but we have been together as a Sunday Morning Soccer Club for 35 years and still going strong.

Here iA  remarkable fact-we have never had a serious injury in 39 years that I can remember.

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