2014-03-12 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
3/12/14 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Lee Ann Collins, Rick Griggs, Tom Montanye, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton, Lyle Montanye

• Summer Tots – APPROVED, note the fringe went down to 8.5%.
• Glyndon Soccer – Registration is thru Youth Leagues, yes. APPROVED.
• Summer Girls Basketball – needs a signature. APPROVED.
• Field Hockey – Trimming the number of kids a little because we had too many on the teams last year. APPROVED.
• Glyndon Tiny Tots – no actuals from last year yet, only proposed numbers. (No statements before today) APPROVED.
• Boys Basketball – APPROVED.
• High School Lacrosse Tournament – APPROVED.

Nancy had issues with Youth Leagues. It’s been posted live without permission. So, provided we approve the budget, it will stay live.

Statements: Kelly not available.

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
3/12/14 - 8pm

Nancy (Summer Tots) – The budget was approved today, with registration going live today. Camp starts Wednesday Jun 25th.

Laura (Girls Softball) – Registration is ongoing and evaluations are on Sun 23rd March. Our numbers are down a little.

June (RTP) –Seussical opens March 21st and runs until April 5th

Challenger Soccer – Registration last year was through Challenger’s online system. Now we need to go through Youth Leagues? Yes, the County is insisting on the merge. We planned for 2 weeks in the summer. How can the Youth League costs be brought down? You can explore camp registration instead of program registration.

Sr. Softball – We have new members for a total of 21. We start in April 1st, weather permitting. For one thing, the fields need to dry out.

Quentin (Soccer) – We working on the combination with Pikeville Soccer, and we start as soon as the grass dries.

Ballet – We’re in Spring Session Registration; and our first performance is April 5th at a nursing home. All classes are working on the recital.

Franklin HS All Day Lacrosse Tournament – we’re holding a fund-raiser in February 2015. No problem, need to work out details afterwards. Budget APPROVED. EARLY Facilities request!!! They should send Rick the dates.

BarkPark – We are changing the access code on Friday. Our Birthday Party is on May 31st.

Boy Scouts Troup 315, who has worked with us before on trails at Hannah More. – They have dues but no fees. We have no reason not to adopt them, therefore they’ll have access to the Senior Center, without a Facilities Request. They need to talk to Annie regarding becoming an employee so they can have a key. Consider them affiliated as of today.

Jade/Kyle (Summer Playground) – Registration has been open for a month. Reisterstown Elementary. Shortened to 7 weeks. Going to Players as a new trip.

Keith (Gaming) – The January event had 130 people and was a great success. Now, weekly attendance has gone up to 25. The Senior Center is getting rekeyed. We had to pay for a broken table out of the 4 that broke during the January event. It will be paid out of collections.

Girls Basketball – We finished last Saturday with Fabulous finals. This was the1st year we had a Kindergarten -1st grade league. We’ll need to change to have the girls play up to 12th grade in Summer League, then Winter League. We had about ~200 kids.

Chuck (Boys Basketball)– We just finished a tournament last weekend; we played all weekend and had a blast. What a change since our season start delayed due to snow. We acknowledge at Franklin High School’s AD for all his help.

Jim (Baseball) – Registration was completed, with 440 kids and more still trickling in. Evaluations are ongoing and then the Draft. Apr 26th is Opening Day.

Tom (Wresting) – The tournament season is running now. We’re going to the state tournament, which is highly competitive, at St. Joe’s this Sunday. That winds up our season. Then we have the spring beginners season runs Spring Break to Memorial Day.

Lyle (Lacrosse) – A note about Wrestling – Franklin High School did exceptionally well this year, with kids that fed into their program from our own Raiders. Lacrosse is glad we have turf fields. We started March 1st and we are full except for the Kindergarten -1st grade group who start in April. We start games in a couple of weeks.

Pat – There were 6 budgets approved tonight. I’ll notify Youth Leagues tomorrow so that the registrations go live.

Bernie ( a team pictures company) – I have samples and forms available. I can bring in sponsors because of my connections with the retail board. My number is 410-477-7272.

Staff – Note that a lot of policies are changing and we have to pass the word onwards. We’re also getting a new John Deere diesel gator, with snow plow attachment.