2014-01-08 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
1/8/14 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Lee Ann Collins, Bob Frank, Rick Griggs, Liz Miller, Tom Montanye, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton

Budgets: None

Statements: None

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
1/8/14 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – Happy New Year! Nancy of Summer Tots is an Honoree who did not make it to the Volunteer Party. Thank you Nancy!

Lyle (Lacrosse) – The budget is approved, we’re waiting on registration to go live.

Liz (Dog Park - says it’s just as cold for pets as us.

Bob (RTP) – We casted 43-47 people for Seussical and are working on it now.

Chuck (Basketball) – We had a rough start and lost games. Some schools were closed one weekend which destroyed the schedule. We lost 50 games; and yet Board of Ed was “operating on normal activities”. Recommendation: “Call Vickie Almond…”

Bill (Karate) – We’re trying to keep it going. Are we not in the sportsplex any more? Where are we going? Glyndon, but we need more storage. Should we cancel until we have a spot? It’s just Mondays – we can figure out a space. We cleared out most of our stuff from storage.

Keith (Gaming) – We’re holding steady at 15 people. The first big event is at the end of January. Everyone invited to Winter Game Fest! Then we have the regular weekly meetings every Friday.

Nancy (Summer Tots) – We’re getting lots of calls, we need to submit a budget, and start registration end of February. The schedule is a question – primarily in June?!

Laura (Softball) – Registration is running and we see lots of new names. We may not be able to play against Upperco.

Baseball – Registration is up and running. We held the New Coaches meeting already.

Ballet – We started classes and registration still open. The Master Class is coming up and the Dancemasters Workshop too. Our Recital is The Seasons at Franklin HS, 1st Saturday in May, then the 1st Saturday in June.

Tim Miller – Thank you for helping with the Christmas Tree sales! We had a great outcome: $1826 and change to the American Legion. We sold 203 trees. We are getting garden calls already. The tent is still growing food and the 7 ft fence going up.

Sr. Softball – We’re putting a new team together. The season starts mid-April. We’re looking for people ages 60+.

Ed (Travel Softball) – We’re starting soon and we’re opening the conditioning session to in-house people.

Staff: Nothing new

Pat: Thank You!! Discussed our Honorees from the Christmas Party. We’ll be transfering money to the programs from the Festival. Kelly is home sick tonight. No budgets were looked at tonight.