2013-12-11 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
12/11/13 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Rick Griggs, Kelly Makowiecki, Liz Miller, Tom Montanye, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton


• Sunday Morning Soccer at Regional Park – Pickup, Adults, 8-10am. $12/person leadership fee. APPROVED

• Kids’ Sunday Morning Soccer at Regional Park – Pickup, kids, 12+ 10am-12pm. $12/person leadership fee. APPROVED

• Lacrosse – APPROVED

• Clogging – APPROVED, needs signature on budget form

• Baseball – APPROVED via email

• Reisterstown Festival – APPROVED via email

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
12/11/13 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – We have a Presentation to Softball and Travel Softball for their services to soda/drink sales at the Reisterstown Festival over the years!

Bill (Boxing) – Classes are going well and we are having fun.

Ballet – We just had holiday party and our recital was announced. We’re winding up this session. Registration for January session and workshop will be up shortly.

Softball (Laura) – We have nothing left but selling trees, registration will go live maybe next week.

Tim – Tree Sales are going well, we have 2/3rd s paid off. The garden gets a 7ft fence soon to keep deer and groundhogs out. Under the tent, we got manure from Garrison Forrest to keep it warm.

Wrestling (Tom) – We are in full swing, our 1st home match is Saturday. 1 tournament another Sunday. ~ 50 people.

Finance (Kelly) – Getting Statements soon due to a move.

Girls Basketball (Josh) ~ 200 kids.

Liz –RTP completed auditions for Seussical and bought a 8ft-25ft trailer. We’ll be tearing off the storage for a movable stage. Anyone else need the storage? Hoops are fine. Zumba - right now, no issues. Soccer – finished the fall season, running the indoor season. We’re talking with Pikesville about moving.

Lauretta – I’m working on the ArtFest website.

Staff: Nothing new

Pat: Volunteer Holiday Party is at American Legion Post 116, on 1/3/14 at 7-11pm.