2013-11-13 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
11/13/13 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Lee Ann Collins, Bob Frank, Kelly Makowiecki, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton

Proposed Program for Challenger Sports, 2 weeks of Soccer Camps, early August and end of June. Joe Miller needs to coordinate with Rick Griggs. $10/child.


• Summer Playground. APPROVED? (not really a quorum, will check in via email)
• Baseball – sent via email.

We had a late start because the cafeteria was locked until we could get someone with a key.

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
11/13/13 - 8pm

Kelly – I have everyone’s statements & blank forms for deposits and check requests. Also checks for Football & Wrestling.

Bob – RTP finishes Peter Pan & Wendy next weekend. Then we audition for Suessical in December.

Tim – 205 trees arrive November 30th; the Legion will sell weekends, we sell weekdays…looking for volunteers. The Community Garden is going great but has a groundhog problem. We’re growing veggies in a tent over the winter. We’re using the Under The Lights money for 7 ft. fencing.

Ed (Baseball) and Art – Finished season, had a small number of kids but good feedback. We’d like to play maybe on Sundays? Send us the budget.

Chuck (Basketball) – 450 kids, 4 Travel Teams, 15-17 year olds still open. Scheduling a coaches meeting soon.

Cheerleading – We took 1st and 3rd at the Nov 10th competition and we’ve scheduled the banquet for 23rd Nov.

Girls Basketball – Registered ~ 185 kids, 2 Travel Teams, grades 8-10 still open.

Zumba – We’ll be dropping the Tuesday class, might setup a Thursday calss if we can find room elsewhere.

Ballet – Enrollment is down. We need to fill staff positions. We’re planning a fund-raiser in January.

Bob (Field hockey) – We wrapped up the season with the Harvest Tournament.

Quentin (Travel soccer)- Finished up with 3 league and 2 tournament champions.

Bill (Karate) – Need to move the storage; talk to Rick.

Laura (Softball) – Out of Season but we have a Pitching Clinic through In-house softball: $50, 6:30-9:30pm.

Summer Tots (Nancy) – Questions already!

Gaming (Keith) – Attendance is up; planning an end of January Gamefest.
Staff: Forms are on the table, Neil has moved to Region 3 – we have Sue McCormack as Coordinator now. Indoor Soccer is registering.

President’s Desk:
• Introduced Mike Schneider, our expeditor at the County level. Also works on planning clinics.
• Holiday Party is 1/3/14 – all program chairs and dedicated program volunteers invited.