2013-10-09 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
10/9/13 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Lee Ann Collins, Bob Frank, Rick Griggs, Kelly Makowiecki, Liz Miller, Tim Miller, Tom Montanye, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton

Proposed Program for fund-raising events, magnets (1000 count): contains calendar & call-in numbers – at no cost to the programs. “Magnet Menus by Carol” Carol Christianson, magnetsbycarol@gmail.com, 410-409-9027.


• Pickup Basketball - Dennis Thomas, Adults, 9-11:30am Sundays at Franklin MS, Oct-Jun. $5/week, 15 people. APPROVED
• Proposed “Pickup” Soccer - Terell Thomas, Sundays 6-8:30pm, turf or grass field, 20 x 17 year olds – Adults, $60/person, need to clear the paperwork with Rick Griggs first.
• Ballet -Added classes, doubled income, planning 115 students, APPROVED

The Football Program has been ignoring County, State and Federal concussion policy by not reporting all injuries because they’re ‘not serious.’ We know situations are happening: we need more incident reports. We must err on the side of caution. Kids with possible head, neck or spine injury are moved off field when they shouldn’t. This is negligence and we are all personally liable.

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
10/9/13 - 8pm

Tom (Wrestling) – Registration underway for the Reisterstown & Owings Mills area. The RRC website is up, if your program is not up there, email me.

Liz – Summer Tots is looking forward to summer & Senior Softball is off for the winter. Make sure we have your email addresses!

Lyle (Lacrosse) – Indoor Lacrosse just started at the Sportsplex.

Kelly – I have everyone’s statements & blank forms for deposits and check requests.

Bob – Cheerleading is finishing up the season, then switching to indoors. RTP starts Peter Pan & Wendy Nov 1-16. Then we put on Suessical in Spring.

Lauretta - Nothing new for ArtFest

Chuck (Basketball) – Still registering, some are waitlisted, depending on which age-group. There seem to be payment issues via iPad? Any questions about RefPay – should talk to Lee Ann. If they’re (registrations) not paid after evaluations, we will delete so they won’t be blocked. They can always re-register.

Cheerleading – We’re getting ready for Nov 10th competition. We have more collaboration with Football.

Girls Basketball – We are able to fill 2 travel teams, starting next week. All evaluations are scheduled, 10/15 is the end of registration.

Ed (Baseball) and Art – We are working on the budget for 2013/14. We need to reconcile the statements. Fall Ball will run through the end of October.

Deb & Eileen (BarcPark) – Next month it is 6 years since we opened! The landscaping is ongoing. We are partnering with the Humane Society. The dogs like the cooler weather. We are revising brochure for rules and regulations.

Laura (Softball) – We are out-of-season.

Pure Fun Hoops – We’re going well.

Zumba – We’re going well, we have a new instructor as a substitute. We’ll be dropping the Tuesday class for the 2 months she’s gone.

Ballet – We started and are in our 3rd week, with new instructors! We’re planning a November workshop.

Bill (Boxing) – We took the summer off, then started 3 weeks ago with 15 people and a waiting list. Currently there are no competitions, just fitness.

Football – We are 5 weeks in and starting the playoffs.

Bob (Field hockey) – We are 5 weeks in, and participating in tournaments.

Quentin (Travel soccer)- We’re having fun.

Staff: Not much is new. We have approval to move into Neill’s office. Anyone who wants to use the turf fields in winter get your request in NOW.

Pat – The Festival was a month ago; it was nice to have 2 days and we got great feedback.

President’s Desk:
• Tim Miller’s mother-in-law passed last Monday. We’re sending card & paying for the after-funeral event munchies.
• Everyone! We need to be careful of head, spine and general injuries! Err on the side of caution. We don’t know how the County will rule. We may be sued personally. For any collisions, call the ambulance, don’t move them!
• There are no Positive Coaching Alliance events scheduled currently. We need to setup for Basketball’s new coaches.