2013-09-11 Exec

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
Executive Session
9/11/13 7pm
Hannah More Cafeteria
Present: Lee Ann Collins, Rick Griggs, Kelly Makowiecki, Liz Miller, Tim Miller, Tom Montanye, Lauretta Nagel, Pat Naughton

Pat: Schools closed early today due to heat but some programs playing outside. Lee Ann says the policy allows for it. We sorted out savings club cards and sales tax excemption forms.

Lee Ann: Introduced Dave Scrivner, AD at Franklin HS. Introductions. 443-271-4527 is his cell #.

• Mega Sports & Arts Camp – ages Grades 1-6, no profit. APPROVED
• Middle School Madness – middle school boys’ basketball at Franklin Middle School & Northwest Baptist Church, no profit. APPROVED
• Boxing – no changes - APPROVED
• Wrestling – 58 kids this past year. Need to get a better door situation to the cages; they are working with the engineers. It’s $4500 for another door. They are in the red for this year but have a huge balance. They expect to grow by 10 wrestlers this year. APPROVED.

Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
9/11/13 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – WELCOME!

Lauretta (ArtFest) – The non-profit booths need to be separated from for-profits.

Tom (Wrestling) – Registration opened starting last week.

Liz – Boxing took the summer off, will start next Monday.

Bob (RTP+Girls sports) - RPT is doing well. Turning of the Shrew turned a profit. We’re working on Peter Pan in November.

Kelly - Statements/registers are available for all. There are some checks that did not clear, plus some deposits from the lockbox. Come pick up your program’s…

Chuck – Basketball started, we had travel tryouts last week.

Girls Basketball – Stacey had a kid, so we’re splitting up duties. We finished Summer league; both pickup & camp. Now we’re going by grades not ages and we plan 3 travel leagues. New chairs need to make sure the board has your email addresses.

Andy(Fall Baseball) – 2-3 teams each league, and a travel team too. 2 weeks from now we have a clinic at Baseball Warehouse. Next season we think we’ll have an 8 and under travel team. Jim is taking over from Art. Make sure to get in touch with Melody…

Deb (BarcPark) - nothing new.

Rachel (Ballet) – The summer session was not run, we were in the parade and ran a drink booth at the Reisterstown Festival. We are in the middle of re-staffing. The schedule and registration should be up in the next 2 weeks. We are planning for master classes. We might also have a Yoga teacher, is that OK? OK. We’re passing out brochures for discounted tickets at the Hippodrome.

Cheer Camp – We have 40 girls, registration closed for now. We took 1st place in the parade floats!!

Helene(Tiny Tots) - We are 2 weeks in and filled to capacity. Helene worked with Nancy this past summer.

Nancy – We had a fabulous staff, and a wonderful & safe summer. We already have requests for next year. We did have to deal with weather event alerts.

Bob(Field Hockey) - Our games started last week. We have 119 girls.

Susie(Football) – We have our 3rd game this coming weekend. JP has resigned so we are re- staffing. We plan on 3 people. We just ended a fundraiser.

Jackie(It’s Gametime) – This was our 3rd summer and we added an extra week. We had 150 with lots of repeat kids.

Clinton(Soccer) – We started this past weekend. We have about 112 kids.

Staff: Introduced Ed Stanley on staff. He will still be a chair/volunteer too.

Pat: The Festival went extremely well. We had 100 regular booths for 2 days! The Kids’ Area was back and all involved in that were happy.