Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
9/11/13 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – WELCOME!

Lauretta (ArtFest) – The non-profit booths need to be separated from for-profits.

Tom (Wrestling) – Registration opened starting last week.

Liz – Boxing took the summer off, will start next Monday.

Bob (RTP+Girls sports) - RPT is doing well. Turning of the Shrew turned a profit. We’re working on Peter Pan in November.

Kelly - Statements/registers are available for all. There are some checks that did not clear, plus some deposits from the lockbox. Come pick up your program’s…

Chuck – Basketball started, we had travel tryouts last week.

Girls Basketball – Stacey had a kid, so we’re splitting up duties. We finished Summer league; both pickup & camp. Now we’re going by grades not ages and we plan 3 travel leagues. New chairs need to make sure the board has your email addresses.

Andy(Fall Baseball) – 2-3 teams each league, and a travel team too. 2 weeks from now we have a clinic at Baseball Warehouse. Next season we think we’ll have an 8 and under travel team. Jim is taking over from Art. Make sure to get in touch with Melody…

Deb (BarcPark) - nothing new.

Rachel (Ballet) – The summer session was not run, we were in the parade and ran a drink booth at the Reisterstown Festival. We are in the middle of re-staffing. The schedule and registration should be up in the next 2 weeks. We are planning for master classes. We might also have a Yoga teacher, is that OK? OK. We’re passing out brochures for discounted tickets at the Hippodrome.

Cheer Camp – We have 40 girls, registration closed for now. We took 1st place in the parade floats!!

Helene(Tiny Tots) - We are 2 weeks in and filled to capacity. Helene worked with Nancy this past summer.

Nancy – We had a fabulous staff, and a wonderful & safe summer. We already have requests for next year. We did have to deal with weather event alerts.

Bob(Field Hockey) - Our games started last week. We have 119 girls.

Susie(Football) – We have our 3rd game this coming weekend. JP has resigned so we are re- staffing. We plan on 3 people. We just ended a fundraiser.

Jackie(It’s Gametime) – This was our 3rd summer and we added an extra week. We had 150 with lots of repeat kids.

Clinton(Soccer) – We started this past weekend. We have about 112 kids.

Staff: Introduced Ed Stanley on staff. He will still be a chair/volunteer too.

Pat: The Festival went extremely well. We had 100 regular booths for 2 days! The Kids’ Area was back and all involved in that were happy.