BSG Staff & Volunteers

BSG Staff

Rachel Stroud (Director/Instructor)

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Katlin Magruther (Instructor)

Miss Katlin grew up dancing in BSG.  She began assisting in classes in 2011 and progressed to leading her own classes in 2013.  Miss Katlin has continued her dance education with various workshops and classes with Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters, Ch. 17, and as a Dance Major at CCBC, and now at UMBC.  She will complete her B.A. in dance education in 2019 and plans to teach dance education in the public school system.

Stephanie Skinner (Instructor)

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Carrie Sells (Instructor)

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BSG Volunteers

To continue with the long-time Baltimore County Recreation & Parks community approach, BSG has parent volunteers that help us run our program smoothly.  You are welcome to seek out these wonderful people to discuss any program questions or concerns you may have. 

Danielle Stewart, BSG Chairperson 

Danielle’s duties include: attending monthly Rec Council meetings, assisting with session registration, and other program events, fundraisers and administrative duties.  She also serves as our program liaison between our parents and the Rec Council.  Danielle’s daughter has been a BSG dancer for over 5 years!  She can be reached at

Amanda Clauser, BSG Treasurer

​Amanda's duties include: receiving and recording tuition payments, making sure student accounts are up to date, and keeping our expenses organized.  Amanda has two daughters that have been part of the BSG family for several years.  She can be reached at

BSG Volunteer Committees

Additional opportunities to volunteer and help BSG to run smoothly are listed below.  If you do not volunteer for a committee at the time of registration or Open House, then you will be assigned to one.  Please note that very few of the committees require more than a few hours of your time for the entire dance year.   There is also the option of opting out of volunteering and donating $25 to our program. 


Members of this committee assist in coordinating and organizing program fundraisers.  Examples of past fundraisers: Yankee Candle, Joe Corbi’s Pizza, Restaurant Nights, Bingo Night and Date Night, Reisterstown Festival concession stand, and recital Candygrams & flower sales.  We are always looking for new and exciting fundraisers, and parents to run them! 

Recital Specific Committees

Backstage (grades 1-12): Members of this committee help with moving props and scenery on and off stage at recital rehearsals and performances.    

Backstage Moms (Pre K & K): Members of this committee volunteer to remain backstage during the rehearsal and recital to assist with costume & shoe changes, trips to the potty and, of course, getting on and off stage!  (grades 1-12): Members of this committee assist dancers backstage with quick costume changes between dances. 

Rehearsal Babysitters (grades 1-4): All parents for grades 1-4 take turns babysitting the dancers during Saturday and evening recital rehearsals.  These parents provide activities and snacks for the dancers while they wait to dance. 

Scenery/Backdrop (grades 1-12): Members of this committee assist with building and painting of the scenery, props and backdrop for the recital. 

Refreshments Set Up & Clean Up (both recitals): Members of this committee assist in organizing and participating in the set up and clean up of recital refreshments.  

Recital & Rehearsal Dressing Room & Auditorium Clean Up (both recitals): Members of this committee assist in cleaning up our performance venue after rehearsals and recitals. 

Recital Programs (both recitals): Members of this committee can volunteer for the following: design of the program, assembly of the program, and distribution of the program out at recitals. 

Recital Costumes (both recitals): Members of this committee help with any alterations needed on costumes for recital.