Program Budget Proposal

Program Budget Proposal Instructions

Your program budget should be submitted to the executive board for approval at least 2 months before you wish your program to begin registering.The executive board meets at 7:00 pm before the general council meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of every month except July & August. You should email the completed budget to the Reisterstown Rec office so that copies can be made for the board, or you can bring 15 copies of the completed proposal. It is strongly advised that you or an informed representative of your program be present when the budget is submitted to answer any questions that may arise.

  1. You may title your activity as you wish.
  2. The beginning and ending dates for your program.
  3. You may appoint a volunteer chairperson, or act as your own. We will need the chair's name, address and phone number(s).
  4. The number of participants you expect, the fee for each for the program, and the total income from registration fees.
  5. The projected cost of any equipment you may need to purchase for your program (This equipment will become property of Rec & Parks).
  6. Administrative fee - the number of participants x $5.00 (annual charge).These monies go directly to the council's general fund.
  7. The projected cost of any supplies you will need for your program.
  8. The projected cost of your contracted services for this program .(Hourly rate of compensation and projected total hours worked for a program total.)
  9. Total of expenses (5,6,7,& 8).
  10. Subtract expense from income. It is not advisable to show a deficiency.
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