Lacrosse - Spring 2018

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Player Registration Form:


Reisterstown Recreation Council - 2018 Volunteer Registration Form:

Volunteers: (two parts)

Reisterstown Lacrosse needs your help!!

Please consider volunteering for our program.

All your efforts directly affect our kids.

(It is not as hard as you might think and far more rewarding than you can imagine!)

Volunteers (coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators and anyone who has “Custody and/or Control of Children”) are required to register for this Background Check.  Anyone who fails to register will not be allowed to participate in LTRC activities where interaction with children takes place.  You must complete a separate online submission for each sport you are volunteering for.

1.Volunteer Registration Form:

URLs are case sensitive and must be typed exactly as shown.

The form must be brought up in an entire browser window and never within a frame.

2. As of July 1, 2015, Baltimore County is requiring that all Rec Council volunteers who interact with children, pass a Background Check.

To begin the process, please visit:

Use the access Code “BCGREC16” (without the quotes).


CHANGES coming for the 2018 season:


This year our uniforms will be handled by a different vendor, OT Sports.

Uniform Purchase Information: **Uniforms are not included in the registration cost**

We are currently working with a new Lacrosse uniform vendor.

You will receive a uniform ordering email in the new year (2018).

This will contain a link to the online uniform ordering website

as well as any important information about placing your order.



After a successful and fun Tyker season this year playing in the CarBalCo league, there is much interest in bringing back a “Travel” Tyker team(s) for Reisterstown Lacrosse for the 2018 season. Many of the Reisterstown boys are ready for a more competitive level of play while maintaining the emphasis onto developing the fundamental skills for growth within each player and the sport of Lacrosse. We are looking to participate at a “A” or “B” level of play.

The “Travel” team(s) will be playing in MYLA (Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association) and the “In-House Team” would continue to play in the current CarBalCo (Carroll Co., Baltimore Co.) league. The Travel team(s) will play at a higher level of competition and demand a greater time commitment from parents and players than the non-travel team(s). Team(s) practice 2-3 times per week and games are played on the weekends. Games are usually on Saturdays. Sometimes a makeup game could be rescheduled for a weekday. The “Travel” Tykers play 10V10 on the field, with about 13 or 14 players on the team(s).

Our team(s) may also additionally play in other leagues and/or participate in various tournaments as well. (some additional leagues play on Sundays)

Additional leagues and tournaments are determined by each team/coach. Additional fees apply for teams that participate in additional leagues and various tournaments.


We will carefully review your requests, but it is not always possible to grant them.


Please be reasonable and moderately flexible.

Requests to play for a particular coach are not permitted.

A parent who coaches will have their own child/children on their team.

There will be a maximum of two coaches per team.


MYLA League Rule:  Reisterstown Lacrosse plays in MYLA.  MYLA has a rule that each player can only register and tryout for one MYLA Program.

If the Reisterstown Lacrosse program becomes aware that a player has registered for multiple Programs, the player will not be allowed to play for the Reisterstown Lacrosse program and no refund will be given.

SEASON: Spring 2018

COST: $100.00 per player**

 **No refunds after March 1, 2018**

**Registration ENDS Thursday February 15, 2018 **

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