1.11.2017 Reisterstown Rec Council General Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:03pm

Liz- Things look different tonight. The board is making some changes, we want to make this a more involved meeting, more fun, bring the community and programs together. We will go around the room. There are a lot of new faces tonight.

Paul Carr, Football: Off season, planning. Working on bringing in players from other communities.

Rachel Stroud, VP for Girls Sports:  No report

Danielle Stewart, Secretary, as well as Chair for Ballet:  info shared:

Mega Sports and Arts, Cheer and Madness Camps will begin in June.  Planning is underway.

Carolyn Kapus

Indoor Field Hockey is up and running and everything is going really well. 

There was one check request that I sent to Suzy so I am hoping she got that and everything is good. 

Sammie Jo Grove

Suzy Nunez, Treasurer: Over the next month or two will be sending out ledgers. Please look them over. Rec Council has several deposits unclaimed, need to match them up. If you see something in the ledger you are unsure of or think is missing please let her know. Also treasurer for football. Do not print checks at meetings. Please email them before meeting and can bring it or arrange a time to meet or have them sent where they need to go.

Liz Miller, President

Bob Frank, 1st VP: Welcome to our first party. There are  sandwiches and chips,  please enjoy. The board has decided we will host a tree lighting party in December, the 6th. Will decorate a xmas tree, light a menorah, have caroling... all by the tree sales. All programs welcome to participate. Spoke with high school and anyone else who would like to help to build a menorah. HS and MS will send out caroling groups.

Pat Naughton, Past President and Reisterstown Festival: Scheduled for  Sept 9-10, 2017. This will be its 31st year. Committee meets 3rd wed of the month . Always looking for volunteers to come help. Especially need help with set up and tear down.

Tim Miller, Christmas Tree Sales and Garden: Sales fund scholarships. Won't be able to fund many this year. Missed a lot of faces this year. Out of a total of 18 nights, Tim worked 6 of them. Needed more volunteers.

Laura Himes, Girls Softball: Started indoor practice this past Saturday at the Sportsplex. Had a variety of ages. Registration is open until beginning of April, when outdoor starts.

Kimaada Battle and Diandra Parris, Cheer: Will email budget before beginning of February.

Larry Gellar, Senior Softball: Submitted budget, has been approved. Always looking for more players.

Myra Glover, Girls Basketball: In the middle of season, going well. Playing with girls in Owings Mills. Splitting games, half in Reisterstown, half in Owings Mills. Starting next year going to start using the refs that Chuck uses. Refs aren't showing up.

Kellie Jenkins, Ballet: Just started spring semester, first week back. Students are still registering.

Rob Schiavone, Barc Park: Current president stepping down. Carol Schneider will be taking the president seat. Brought budget. Need to get registration up by February 1st. Exec. Board will get it approved and back asap.

Helen Policar, Preschool Tiny Tots: Doing great. No news, glad to be back from holidays.

Mary Molinaro, Bloomin Artfest: Just opened registration, already have 5 vendors. May 13th 2017, Saturday before Mother's Day. Committee met last night to review planning ideas. 16-17 on committee. Next meeting is February 21st at 6 pm on Main Street. The new location will be Franklin Elementary on Cockeys Mill Rd.

Chuck Snee, Boys Basketball: In the middle of the season. Do not have issues with referees. Everything going well. Payments for refs, no issues.

Andy Palladino, Baseball, with Jim Yarsky, Treasurer: Started registration for the season coming up. Got approval for hit, pitch, & throw contest, will coordinate it , maybe winners can feed into regional contest.

Bill Harris & Sam Durphy, Boxing: Nothing to report right now, 10th year for boxing, had a national champion in one of the classes from past years.

Marty Vailati, Lacrosse: Just wrapped indoor winter season, went well. Working with Suzy and John to get the spring season going. Will get the budget in asap. Getting ready for spring.

Bruce Gerlach, Adult Volleyball: Slow right now. Winter is the in between the season, hard to get the adults in to play.

Brad Trellis, Indoor Soccer: End of preseason this week. Currently have 400 players, 34 teams, 64 coaches. Starting games this weekend. Also working with Billy Berman.

Billy Berman, Field Hockey (Indoor Soccer) with Glen Hetrich. Will also be working with Wayne Tromble (not present). Been working with Field Hockey for 3-4 years. Great sport for young ladies. 2nd grade to 8th grade

Shanie Nelson, Reisterstown Theater Project: Usually do shows in the spring and fall. Took spring off because of the A.C. project at the Middle School. Now it seems that they are planning to do the ac in the summer.

Larry Lightenauer, Men's Pick-up Basketball: At Cedarmere Elementary since 1992. Everything is smooth.

Brian McMullen, Sylvan STEM Programs:  Hoping to get the programs up and running. Approved at Glyndon and Franklin Elementary schools. Glyndon computer coding. Visual basic coding program. At Franklin, robotics, hands on, building. Shooting for the 25th of January to start. As soon as have enrollments, will begin. 4 week program, $99.

Liz note- if after school activities are canceled, the program will not be able to run.

Tom Montanye, Wresting: Season in high gear. Novice team and higher team doing well, coaches and wresters are in good shape. Franklin having a big tournament this weekend, helping with that. Not many MD college wrestling teams, taking a field trip to see match at McDaniel. Take time to watch some of the high school matches during practices. Also started registration for the spring program to help increase interest in wrestling program. 1 week night per week for 6 weeks. Registration for that will be up and running in the next few days

John Eubank, Community Supervisor, Dept of Rec. Office hours 10-3.Ddo not have a fax machine any more. Hired Lynn Masters, new  administrative aide, filling Annie's position. She got right to work. This weekend had problems with the web info, did not get info that activities were canceled. BCPS / Board of Education has been making decisions about canceling weekend activities due to weather over the past few years. Decision is no longer up to us.  Sportsplex is up to us.

Liz Miller, President: We are trying to shake things up. We want people to come back, want them to want to volunteer. Goal is to make things as fun as possible. We do not need to come to a meeting every month. If there is anything urgent we will contact. Our next meeting for general council is March 8th, march madness. May 10th, going to have RRC t-shirts for everyone. Still working on finalizing everything. We are open to suggestions, would love to hear them. Suggested that programs might want to host a meeting, share what your program is about. For example, Shanie and Reisterstown Theater Project, could incorporate a skit of some kind, let people see what your program is about.

We have a new email address, board@reisterstownrec.com, send to that email to get in contact with anyone from the board.

Training info...

Baltimore County Recreation & Parks has a contract with Towson Sports Medicine to train their full-time staff in Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  The Executive Board agreed to pay $5.00 per person for all of the part-time staff and any other Council volunteers to be trained as well.  If you are interested in this training please send an email to Lynn at the Recreation Office at Lynn lmaster@baltimorecountymd.gov.

Melody from Groupnet sent updated background check . Danielle will send this out. Everyone that volunteers must do the background check every year. Only have to do it once, if you are volunteering in multiple programs. We are working on verifying the "year " time frame.Trying to make the budget process easier, more streamlined. We will have specific meetings where we meet just to approve budgets. We are going to work backward from the date you want your registration up by to create a date to have it due. We want to make sure we are getting them approved and back to programs in a timely manner. Exec. board still meeting monthly. General Meetings will start at 7pm.

Tonight we have a $200 gift certificate for Keccos, new Reisterstown Restaurant.

Pat drew the door prize, Cheerleading won.

Pat moves to adjourn, Paul 2nd the motion. Adjourned at 8:53