December General Board Meeting

Called to order @ 8:10pm


Fall program is almost over. Last week was our parent visitation week and our Kid's Night Out fundraiser. Had a nice group show up for that. Our Holiday Party is this weekend. All our dancers are looking forward to performing for their families.

Our registration is scheduled to go up soon. Our recital theme has been chosen. We are doing under the sea.  Sending an email to John to reschedule our "backup" date for Randallstown CC, to match up with our Franklin recital date.

Shanie, RTP: No report

Thank you to RTP for rearranging the flats at the barn

Rachel: No report

Suzy: No report

Tom, Wresting: 2nd weekend. Goinf well. A lot of attendance and everyone showed up. Issues at Franklin, bathroom's empty of supplies. Otherwise everything good.

Myra, Girls Basketball: 183 registered girls basketball, almost same teams as before. Will be playing OM, only have 1 or 2 in house teams. A little drama, but no complaints.

Chuck, Boys Basketball: Couple weeks of games. Question about FMS... Is the aux gym supposed to be open when there are games? When they are playing, kids coming in not in the program and using the aux gym. If they get hurt, it's on them. No, should not be open. Will close it. Also, in future, need more chairs. They are disappearing from everywhere. If program purchases more, they will walk, too, unless we chain them to the cage. Had a donation of chairs and they all have disappeared. As a program, may buy a controller so that can use the scoreboard.

Andy, Baseball:  Just opened registration today.

Dog park. No drama, president is stepping down, will be a new president in January. Possibly Carolyn? Can get a copy of balance sheet? Joseph robert schiavone, vp. send balance sheet to him.

Brad, Indoor Soccer: Registration almost full. Next week first on-field activities. When Leann left, had to move the storage from the sportsplex. Not sure what to do with old shirt uniforms from storage. Will not match current color, size, style. Maybe donate to a program in another community. Council gives permission to give them out, donate them, whatever you need to do to clear out your storage space. Wife is VP of OM PTA program. They want to give a donation to the safe after prom program.

Laura, Softball: Registration is up, 13 people registered. Already have 1 full team registered. Indoor season starts soon. Suzy received Mary's bill. As soon as have enough registrations to cover, will pay it.

John, Staff: Got an admin aide picked out, hopefully will be on board before the end of the year.

Council: do not have the details of the holiday party yet. Will send it out. Should be the first Friday of January.

Myra: Thank you to Suzy for getting us paid quickly.

Meeting adjourned 8:25pm