11/2016 General Board Meeting

Called to Order at 8:05 pm

Paul- Football. Down to Saturday Super Bowls. 4 teams participating at multiple levels. If successful, will participate in leagues statewide, free with donation to a food drive.

Tom- Wresting. First practice tonight, will run through early February - late march.

Rachel- Nothing to Reports

Suzy- Treasurer. When you are putting your budget together please send an email requesting statements so that you have the actual amounts and balances from last year's program. Budgets need to match statements better.

Danielle- Secretary. Report from Adult Volleyball:

 The fall league has finished regular season play, and will complete the end of season tournament on Monday, November 14.  The league would like to thank the girls rec basketball program again for allowing volleyball to use Franklin middle school gym from 7PM on that night.  Anyone interested in watching the highest level coed adult volleyball in the area is welcome to come to Franklin Middle on Monday the 14th.  Matches start at 7:30PM. Winter pickup volleyball begins Monday, November 21, 9M to 11PM.

Chuck- Boys basketball. Season started. Drafts and evals have started. Games will start in the beginning of December. Question for John: In the past have held meetings to go over what is expected from the leaders. Chuck stopped by a gym, new leader was in parking lot smoking and players had all the balls all over the gym. Need to have a meeting to go over things with new leaders, need to know the rules. Going to cost a lot of money losing equipment with unsupervised use of game balls.

Liz states that council want to use ref pay this season. Andrew, head of refs, needs to contact Suzy.

Andre- Girls Basketball. There has been a large drop in registration. Had evals last weekend, and next weekend.

Keith bond for Jalen- Mens Pickup Basketball. Need to pick up check and drop off deposit.

Andy- Baseball.  Just finished fall season. Budget approved for spring.

Kellie-Ballet. Will be doing costume sale this coming Monday. Classes running well. Approved for Franklin High School for recital in spring.

Shanie- Reisterstown Theater Project. Finished Honk. Taking hiatus because they will be putting in ac. Thank you to John and staff for all their help. Some issues about locked doors and bathrooms being locked. Need to put bathrooms on the permit request forms in the future.

Kellie needs to add revision to include bathrooms for permits.

Brad-Indoor Soccer. There are currently 220 registered as of now. Will start end of December. There are new lights and nets in Sportsplex.

Pat- Reisterstown Festival is over. It went well. Should have next year's budget by next meeting. Haven't had a meeting since September.

Per Pat: Tim on Xmas Tree Sale. Trees will arrive Friday after Thanksgiving. Sales start the following Monday. Would like help unloading truck. Sales are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Danielle will be sending mass email for signups for volunteers. Also, Tim was inducted into the National Youth Soccer Hall of Fame.

John-No county news

Liz- Went to the County Presidents Meeting for Region 1

All regional parks now have a new person in charge. There is a hierarchy of who gets priority of fields, and if 2 rec programs have the same "weight", there will be a lottery. Please go through John to get area requests where they need to go.

For tournaments, requesting 6 months notice at a regional park; there is a grandfather clause for long-running tournaments, but should still check permit requests.

County is making changes to background check process. Printing brochure now. as of October 1st. volunteers need to register the 1st of the year. Now will list approved people by council and alphabetized. Adding some additional reasons for having a background check fail.  Councils will need to be responsible for checking and signing off that all are registered.

AC projects are giving 3-4 week notice to programs that will be effected by the project. If asbestos is found in school, will not be able to have program there until done. Case by case notice.

New Behavior Policy-County staff will need to investigate and make decisions about behavior issues, required to be nice but firm about it.

Council is still working on volunteer manual. It is almost complete.

Program needed to use Sportsplex room - wanted to charge $50 for it. Liz went to region 1 coordinator, will be investigated.

Budgets-  looking to coordinate a budget calendar. Danielle will be sending out an email requesting when you want to have your registration open, and we will back it up to figure out when you need to have your budget into the board. We will let you know when on the schedule your budget will need to be in and when it will be reviewed.

Brad- If volunteers signed up last year, should they sign up before it starts? Yes, so that the background check doesn't expire in the middle of season.

If your program is displaced because of the ac installation, your program will be found a new facility as close as possible as soon as possible. Can John get more information about how the ac projects will interfere with programs?

Shanie is going to send info to Liz regarding what she needs for show to run, to possibly find another location because of the uncertainty regarding when the AC project will happen at FMS.

Rob- Girls Field Hockey. Season wrapped up 2 weeks ago, slowly bringing in all equipment. Successful season, 89 kids, no injuries and no major complaints. Will reach out to the guys taking over the program. Rob has a transitional list/packet for Rachel.

Question asked: Can one non-profit 501(c)(3) organization make a donation to another 501(c)(3) organization? Yes

Alan Catlett making presentation from Sylvan. Expanding tutoring program. There is a big gap from school to workforce. This program will be bringing STEM to community. Would like to offer courses in the elementary schools after school for a 4 week program at a time. Presentation attached.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 pm