9/14/16 General Board Reisterstown Rec Meeting

Meeting started at 8:11pm

Annie is leaving us. She received a promotion. Gift of a money tree with card. She will be missed. Congratulations Annie!

Charlyne Maul. Principal for FMS. Wanted to let us know that she is from Baltimore county, played rec ball. Was raised on Baltimore County rec and parks and her kids play on rec. Believes schools are meant to have children in them. FMS new motto: Takes a village to raise a child. Bringing members from the community into the school so the kids understand what is out there. Want teachers to go out and see kids play on rec teams. More adults we have showing support for the school, the better. Wants involvement from the community in the school. Would love info sent to the school to promote outside activities. Can send info to be posted to the website by Josh Wilson. Send email to  cmaul@bcps.org to have items posted. Possibly combine funds to put up new sign.

Welcome. First meeting back. Introductions:

Tom-VP in charge of non-sports (theater project, dog park). Rachel-VP girls sports. Frank-VP, past treasurer. Suzy-Treasurer. Liz-President. Danielle-Secretary.  Paul Carr-VP youth male sports.

Chuck: Boys basketball is open. Had a person register, same day wants a refund. Want to make sure that fees are being taken out of refunds. Refunds are made by check unless chargeback-dispute process. Need to have info on site that refunds will be less the fees. Up to each program. Want to know how much is charged. Can contact Gina regarding fees, likely $2 per person plus 2% per credit card. Check requests: Suzy will cut the check and mail it unless otherwise specified.

Andy: Started fall baseball this past Sunday. Registration at 120 with 2 teams. Play on Saturday and Sunday. In house. Not travel.

Bruce: Adult volleyball. Started past Monday. 3 teams. 31st year. League plus pick up.

Rob: Field hockey. First game last Sunday. Going well aside from a couple of incidents at the high school using foul language and brandished bb gun. Spoke with local precinct. If there are any further issues, instructed to call the police in the future. Will play to end of October this year. Have 3 guys that will be taking over the program next year.

Andre filling in for Mira for girls basketball. Will be doing k-1 this year.Eexcited for working with the younger kids. Coed. Program is interested in enhancing the girls basketball skills-work with the FMS basketball coach to bridge the 2 together. Jackie Gordon FMS basketball coach, would likely be interested in this. For John, girls basketball interested in playing with other rec councils to play a couple of games during for the season. Up to the councils to work together to coordinate schedules.

Kellie: Ballet. Have 65 registered. Some of the lower classes have filled up and wait list. Looking for a recital space for this year. Would love to stretch out to invite middle and high school students to see what we do. Our space has been too small to offer this at our recitals. Possibly offer small recital/show to the students. Fashion show last year in the gymnasium, possibly a good venue to have a few dancers. Possibly revisit FHS talent show. Budget will be submitted ASAP.

Ray Burris:  Northwest Soccer club. Combined with other clubs and new name. Also helps with Lacrosse with Marty. To Ms. Maul: is it possible to come in during lunch or an assembly to bring information about the sports being offered through the rec programs. Some changes to the website, will give updated contact info.

Jenn Fergusen: New girls softball; very excited to be part of it. Pitching camp will start November 15th. Moved it up because of election. Will be at Glyndon elementary.

Heidi Connely: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, came to support Ms. Maul. Thursdays before school starts and Tuesdays after school offers Campus Life program.  Athletes participate in fun activities. Can find more information at centralmdfca.org.

John: Since July 1st, Northwest Regional is no longer under John's supervision. Owings Mills is also being managed by John now. Annie is leaving, so John will be very busy. Hours now in office 12-3.  Annie leaves after next Thursday, but will come back and help with the training. If there is  no transfer, will need to advertise and hire. It will be a long process. BCPS has new behavior rules in place. We now have new rules to cover this for our participants. 3 levels of offense. Taking this very seriously. Who is going to monitor these rules? Referees/ coaches/parents? The players are the "members". More will be discussed at the next meeting. This just came out today. Rec council sent this out. Will send a mass email to all in data base to. Please send all things you would like distributed to Ms. maul to John first, so he can verify it.

Tom: Wresting registration came out. Pre-season right now. Will go through March. See Tom if you are new to your program, so he can give you passwords/links for your page and info on maintaining it. Accounts are preset.

Pat: Announcement; ice skating classes now open at the sportsplex. www.rtownsports.com. Festival this past weekend. All exhausted. Weather cooperated. 8-10 thousand people in attendance, incl. parade, Donna the Buffalo, the fireworks. Every parking space in the park plus the elementary full for fireworks, not counting the HS and shopping. Sunday suffered slightly because of the ravens game. All in all a very successful festival.

Rachel: Nothing to report

Bob: Some teams have onfield events for giving awards, etc. A stage is now available to use for rental. Still needs a coat of paint.

Suzy: When sending check request, must send invoice in order to cut a check. If you would like to pick up a check, specify when sending the request. Will let know when it is sent.

Danielle: Marty; lacrosse report:  My name is Marty. I am the current Chairperson or Director or Commissioner or something (Come to think of it I do not know what the title is for what I do) for the Lacrosse program.

I am not sure if I can attend the meeting tomorrow night due to a Lacrosse meeting already scheduled so I wanted to send you and all copied on this email an update as to where the Lacrosse program currently stands….

 1. Lyle and I moved all the old equipment from his storage area to FMS cage in which Boxing has graciously allowed me to share with them. I have a lot of old, outdated and non-safety compliant equipment to dispose of still.

 2. Lacrosse Co-Director, Dana Loverde, has stepped down Leaving and leaving just me. Dana Loverde 

Being new and still unfamiliar with the operational functions, winter lacrosse is becoming just like Spring Lacrosse.

A lot of work (about a minimum of 20 hours a week to as much as 30 as seasons close in)

 3. Winter Indoor Lacrosse. This year there are two major changes.

     a. we do not have any High School team sessions. Apparently there were issues last year with organizing it as well as player behavior issues so I was advised that it is not worth the “headache” to offer that particular age group.

     b. Scheduled season: There were issues last year with programs vying for time. Some programs complained that our program started to late and bumped theirs so the county moved indoor lacrosse to anywhere in between September -December.  Many Direct Area Rec councils now cannot participate due to kids already committed playing Football, Soccer and field hockey overlapping our season. I get it. I understand it. I have been just using my best guess and judgement to try to make it work and it has so far turned out “ok”. The 2016 schedule changes do approximately equate to a financial loss of $4500-$5000 for the Reisterstown Rec Lacrosse Program.

 4. Volunteers are very hard to come by.

 5. Changes in Rec Board and Rec indoor and school field administration: I know there have been some big re-organization internally but I do not know what exactly was changed or what effect it has on us.

 Overall I am just working on trying to keep the kids playing Lacrosse and develop a respect and love for the game.

This program is about the fun of Lacrosse, the sport of Lacrosse.

Letting kids be kids. - No scholarships are being handed out. - No endorsement deals will be signed.

No recruiter or teams are looking at draft picks. - We are here to play because we love the sport.

 Anyway Thanks for reading all this and I hope I can get out of my previous meeting soon enough to make it to the Rec Meeting.

Thanks! Marty

 Also Ray Burris Commented: Lacrosse will show up and find other teams playing on the field they are supposed to be using. Is there a way to come up with an online calendar, so that teams can see at a glance if a field is open, or if there is a field double booked. Schools have access to this info, but John does not.

Rob: Article in post, talks about how most kids at the age of 13, if not on a hs team, stop playing becasue they think they are not good at sports, and don't want to be bothered.

Meeting adjourned at  9:14 pm