Council Meeting Notes

Notes taken at the monthly General Council Meetings will be posted here.


General Board Meeting Minutes

9.13.2017 Meeting called to order at 7:06pm

Motion to wave the reading of the minutes. Motion made and approved

Treasurer Report: Checks have been written by hand because could not access account. Company we used had been hacked, so it was down. Will be migrating account to QuickBooks. As soon as program is migrated to QuickBooks, checks will be computer generated and treasurer and program reports will be forthcoming.

Emailed Reports:

Chuck- Boys Basketball: Registration is open and will have an update by next meeting.

Larry- Senior Softball: The season has ended. It was a great year for the team. We are looking forward to an even better season next year. Thanks to Chris for his preparation of the field.

Shanie- RTP: Don't have an update since we've been dark for so long. My board is beginning to meet again and make plans for our upcoming season. I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as you guys know something. Please let me know if I need to do anything.

- Field Hockey: We just had our first game and opening day at the high school this past Sunday. The weather was beautiful and all of the teams had a great time. We are having a play for the cure day next month, October 22.

Marty- Indoor Lacrosse: Season games are proposed and planned to start October 21st and run through December 21st with at least minimum of 10 games for each team. Hopefully 12. Registration is very slow for Reisterstown and the other Baltimore County Rec Departments in our region that play along with us. 

Registration has been up for almost a month and we only have 37 people total registered as of now. It's looking pretty sad. Hopefully things will change but registration ends September 21st. The majority of the low numbers comes from the Lacrosse Club teams watering down their program and creating teams for almost every age group now. So the parents have it in their head that if they're paying to $2,000 a year it must be better than a Rec program. (For the little kids this is pretty much killing the rec program and wasting parents money. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

We are also going to be using one evening later in November as a evaluation for the 6 7 and 8 year old Tyker division because next year we are going to use CARBALCO for all the new kids and move the experience kids into playing with MYLA for their final year of the age group.

Bloomin Artfest: The 1st planning meeting will happen Tuesday, September 26th at 6pm at Long & Foster, 321 Main St. All are welcome.

Steven- Travel Softball:  Tournaments will be the last weekend September and last weekend in October. In house softball registration opens November 1st. Have all coaches coming back from last season.

Note: Requests for Melody at GroupNet should go to board as well so that we can let her know that your budget has been approved.

Larry- Men’s Pickup Basketball: Anxious to start our 26th year. Season runs Oct-April. Always looking for new recruits.

Brad-Indoor soccer: Will be starting registration soon.

Bruce-Adult Volleyball:  Program has been without a facility since May. Hoping to have a space ASAP. Original schedule for FMS was to be finished before school started this year. Hoping not going to be too much behind. Have not submitted a budget or facility request because not sure when the space will be available. Bob asks that the budget is submitted now.

Andy-Baseball: Fall started Saturday. Enough for 2 teams for all age groups, 7-8 have 3 teams. At 1st , did not have peewee coaches. Have them now. Had clinic last week.

Andre- Girls’ Basketball: Just getting registration link up. The travel inhouse league will include Liberty Road, Cockeysville, and Pikesville. Will meet with other rec commissioners to discuss scheduling. Anticipate about the same participation as last year.

Sherry- Reisterstown Festival: Very successful, huge crowds. Great turnout. Don’t have final numbers yet. Thanks to Steve and his group for selling sodas, thanks for the radio spots. Jameliah is the new secretary/treasurer. Online crowd control training. This is something that is offered through the counties. Will be sending information out to the programs. Policies/procedures for issues that arise.

Rachel-Ballet: BSG participated in the parade and festival this weekend. Got about 300 flyers out. Had our open house 3 weeks ago. Registration is low, about 60 kids. Hoping this will bump up. Classes start on Monday. Have a sponsor, Caliber collision. Fundraising coming up. Yankee Candle starting this month and a paint night.

Paul-Football: 2 games in. Everyone has their equipment. Just validated a couple people through Verizon, and received the pricematch donation.

President’s report- Jeff and Bob met with new principal at Franklin Middle School. He seems to be pretty involved. Renovations are about done. School is open, ac is in place. Expecting rec programs to be back into the school asap.

Got a nice note from Baltimore county. Council is recertified. Bi annual certification. Will be hiring a firm to manage and streamline processes.

Time to start thinking about next year’s board. Need to be considering new board members.

Jeff-Staff: Have talked to programs about getting permits. Have hired someone for Owings Mills so that can focus on Reisterstown. Have a new administration aide, Eva Wynn. Will have more time and resources at hand. Appreciate patience as learn. Beata has left. Kara is now the acting chief of rec and parks.

Motion to adjourn at 7:40. Approved


General Board Meeting June 14, 2017 Meeting called to order @ 7:08

Some of our board members are absent tonight.  

Waive reading minutes

Pat Brooks-Art fest and Main Street. Art fest was very successful thanks to Jeff and Franklin Elementary. We had a huge crowd. Indoor turned out really well. Also thanks to the secretary in the office that did all the copying. Music on Main starts soon and runs through Sept. Listing on Facebook page. National Night Out is coming up, all are welcome to have table. New banners are coming for Main Street. Totally new design. Signs good for 2 years. New ones are coming in fall. Clean up day is on June 24th, sponsored by Chartley country club, bring anything that you cannot put out on the curb. Dumpster will be behind Mars building from 9-12.

Larry Gellar-Senior softball. Finally got to play, had been rained out. Play at Hannah More Mon and Wed at 10am. Fields have been ready

Brad Trellis-Indoor soccer. Budget submitted

Jim Yarsky-Baseball. Everything going great, in playoffs.  Will be done end of this week

Rob and Carol-dog park. Some questions... would like to review budget with board. Also, some drainage issues at the dog park. Will talk to Jeff/Kara after the meeting. Another issue with the gate. Jeff will look into. Database issue- new registration is given an incorrect gate code. Have spoken with Melody, not getting fixed. Will email the issue to us and we will work on it.

Shanie-Reisterstown Theater Project. Program has been down for a year now because FMS working on install project for HVAC. Unfortunately, no exact finish date. Can speak with Randallstown Community Center to see if that is a possibility.

Tim Miller- Garden. Program doing well. Has a deposit slip for Suzy. Garden is full, nice and clean, a lot of good tenants. Put up a new fence portion. Growing well.

Myra-Girls Basketball. Starting summer session. Don't have many registered. If don't get more, will combine age groups. Just did a free clinic and had a good turnout for that.

Myra-Cheer. Registration is now open. Will be holding two walk-in registrations coming up.

Sherrie-Festival. Planning in full swing. Just announced 2nd half of bands, all schedule done. Actively promoting for vendors. Bob reminds to please contact bands and get all info for treasurer ahead. w9, etc needed.

Tiffany-Sylvan.  Successful programs ran at schools for the spring. Schools have asked to come back. Need to speak with board. Will meet at end of meeting.

Erica-Resident- Local resident, interested in community, wanted to come to see what is happening around town.

Kellie-Ballet. Sent a group of dancers to the local Nursing Home to perform at the end of April. Held our  recitals. Prek at the beginning of May, 1-12 mid June. Asked for donations of canned food/non-perishable items at the recitals, donated 200+pounds of food to the local food bank. Also took donations for a local family's foundation, donated $300 to cystic fibrosis . Start next session in September.

Tom-Wrestling. Off season. Held a successful spring season/clinic.

Danielle- Secretary notes:

Mega Sports and Arts Camp kicks off Monday, 6/19.

Middle School Cheer and Madness camps kick of Sunday, 6/25.


Paul-Football. Registration open, 30 kids registered. Football will start the first week of august…. Actually july 31st officially!!!! In general across the area registration is down. Ran a spring fundraiser, had 2 teams play in a spring league. Profits will benefit the fall. Success story, helped put 1 child in touch with a tutor. Everything ordered for fall, now need kids to register. Don't want coaches fighting over kids

Jeff-Staff. Currently working on fall permits. Please get them into the office. Have been working with programs trying to find alternate spaces because of the work at FHS and FMS. Submitted for the regional parks, as well. Working on getting another AA to help in the office.

Kara- Staff. Jeff doing a great job, very short staffed in the office. Have selected a replacement, but replacement had some vacation planned. Hope to have the new AA in place in July. Jeff taking care of both Reisterstown and Owings Mills. Trying to get staff in place. Inherited the Reisterstown community about a year ago.

Bob-President. We were going to have party, will reschedule for late august. It will be a free cookout party for volunteers, would like you to invite your volunteers. Met yesterday with Sid White at FHS. He and his students will be building a menorah. We will have a Christmas tree lighting with menorah lighting ahead of the Christmas tree sale. Tree sale money goes to support the American Legion. Will have this built by the fall, hopefully and hope to store in the barn. Will turn over to Tim Miller for our nominating committee. Rachel and Tom will be leaving board. Tom has done a fantastic job with our computer issues. Rachel has been working on the volunteer program guidelines.

Tim-Nominating Committee.  1st VP,  VP of Non-Sports, and VP of Girls Sports. Shanie nominated for Non-Sports. Shanie may be leaving RTP, cannot accept. Myra nominated  for Girls Sports. Liz nominated for 1st VP. Open for additional nominations. No additional nominations. No one running opposed. All nominations accepted are approved.

Suzy has written all the check request she has, and will get them out to programs.

Meeting adjoined at 7:45 pm


Reisterstown Rec General Board Meeting called to order at 7:08pm 3/9/2017

Liz- intro President

Paul-intro VP for Boys Sports

Rachel- VP for Girls Sports/Activities

Suzy-Treasurer. Still have deposits not claimed. Please put your program on your deposit slip so that it can be credited to your acct.

Gina Snee has handed over financial process to Suzy, to balance accounts and credit card deposits. In the process of organizing the system, please let Suzy know if there are any issues.

In the past, program fees have not been withdrawn. They will be pulled going forward.

Tom-Wrestling: Program is in it’s last week. Sunday is state tournament. 5 qualifiers, close to half to state. Awards Monday and season is done. Taking registration for spring clinic. Will run once a week between spring break and Memorial Day. Attract kids that want to try it out but not put a whole program into it.

Lea, with Tim Wolf, planning to launch a church in the fall, getting to know the community.

Tim Wolf- Met with John a couple of weeks ago, invited them to the meeting.  New church will be the United Church.

Sean Briggs-President of Kiwanis club. Will be presenting some projects to the board after meeting

Jeff Grape- Filling in for John tonight. John is on vacation

Kara Burman-Regional coordinator for Region 1, filling in and helping out. Region 1, west side of Baltimore

Kellie-Ballet: Rachel has become our treasurer, has helped us track down some payments. We are getting ready for our recital in the spring, will hold at FHS.

Kimaada and Diandra-Cheer: Currently off-season. Next month will start.

Kyle-Summer playground: Will be working with Jordie this year. Camp will be at Glyndon elementary this year. Running 6 or 7 weeks, pending budget approval.

Andy-Baseball: Registration is still open to give the younger ones time to still register. Will start practice April 1st. Having registration issues with people being blocked from registering. Suzy will look into it.  Jim Yarsky is treasurer, and in charge of equipment

Bruce-Volleyball: Moved due to HVAC installation. Now at FH on Monday nights. All going well.

Chuck-Basketball: Just finished championship games this past weekend. 7-8 still making up for snow dates. A couple issues at HS, including vandalism a couple nights. Buddy opened up, kids in the school when they went in. Chased them out, but they already did the vandalism.

Rob-Dog Parc: Registration/new enrollment opens this month. Need to investigate landscapers. Request a copy of financial ledger. Suzy will take care of that.

Helene-Tiny Tots: Budget submitted. All good

Brad-Indoor Soccer: Season going well. 2 weeks left until start playoffs.

Billy Berman-Field Hockey: Budget approved, April 15th registration will go live.

Glen-Co-chair Field Hockey. All set pinnies ordered looking forward to

Brian-Sylvan: Program going well. School partnership going well. Robotics 6 enrollments at FES, plus a whole lot of interest. Glyndon ES coding, 8 enrollments. Excited to be part of the community.

Laura-Girls Softball: Registration is open till 17th, currently scheduling games. Have 3 times as many sponsors as we have teams. Great turnout. Need coaches for 10U. Is there an age requirement to be a coach? Should be 18, ok to have assistant coach with them over 18.

Tim-Festival: Planning is going well, picking bands right now. Looking at top-notch bands. Some are national acts. One from the voice. Renewed fireworks contract for next year.

Liz- Issue with new regional park rules. Bob and Liz have a meeting with Kara and Beata. To be  discussed: programs that use or have been rejected from the regional park, want to talk. Meeting is the 17th, so need to be in contact with board soon. Because of way they restructured things, only have 1 person in charge of all the regional parks in the community. Guidelines have changed. Purposeof the regional parks was to accommodate overflow. Communities have gotten away from that and used it even though other facilities are available. Now encouraging programs to use facilities in their community first.

Reports from other programs not in attendance:

Larry Lichtenauer- Men’s Basketball @ Cedarmere- My program runs for seven more weeks. All is good.

Mary – Bloomin Artfest- Just reminding everyone that planning is underway for Bloomin' ArtFest, to be held Saturday, May 13th 10am - 5pm at the new location Franklin Elementary School.

Marty, LACROSSE: Spring Outdoor

Registration has officially wrapped up and uniforms are currently in production by Lax World. We have a total of 8 teams this year. 4 boys and 4 girls.

Regretfully we had to turn away the future of our programs growth, Our 7-8 year old girls, as we could not get any volunteers to coach. We had to refer these girls to our neighboring program in Gamber. Hopefully we can get a coach lined up before next year and that the girls will be willing to come back to play in Reisterstown.

After numerous obstacles, new rules or procedures we never knew about... we tackled one issue at at time. (A BIG THANKS TO PAUL CARR!! He was a great help and resource to the lacrosse program keeping things on track.

MYLA - Maryland Youth Lacrosse Association-

Also did some work behind the scenes for us in acquiring fields as well)

March 4th our season officially begun.

We wrapped up indoor warm ups and are now beginning to hold practices outside. All the fields were lined buy a independent contractor this past Sunday. They lined 3 at Hannah More and 1at Cedarmere Elementary.

We were able to find someone to move Lacrosse goals for us from RRP, where we were storing most of the programs goals, and get them out to the fields.

Games will begin starting the weekend of April 1st and 2nd and weekday games will begin April 18th.

LACROSSE: Lax Meltdown Tournament

We were unable to get the annual Reisterstown Lax Meltdown tournament up and running this year. After some preparation planning we were told by the county that we were unable to have a tournament.

There were new rules instituted about putting on tournaments but we were never made aware of those new rules before it was to late.

LACROSSE: Franklin Elementary School

The elementary school program is just getting underway. This year the chairperson of the middle school program is Vincent Caccamisi. He is replacing Andy Alvarez  who  has moved  how to the area  Vince's son just started at Franklin Middle School  so he looks to be around for a while. Vince held tryouts Tuesday March 7th. I am not sure how this year has went but I hear it is a very large turnout. They are looking into possibly expanding teams but for now they are looking at one boys team and one girls team, just lime last year. They have received their game schedule and we have locked in the field's.

Once the teams are set. The next step will be getting their uniforms and spiritwear orders placed.


How does communication between the rec department and Franklin High School work? Is there someone that is supposed to notify the county when the school is using the turf field for extra or extended amount of time? The county give us permits from 6 p.m. until 9p.m. and I know that Franklin High School has priority over anyone else but is there supposed to be someone to let the Rec department know so that they Rec in-turn can let us know that they are using the field longer then the times we were told they would be finished by?

This was from one of our Lightning coaches (9-10 girls) on Tuesday night at Franklin High School:

"Also just a FYI. Yesterday the Franklin High team stayed on the field until 7:15 during our practice. Is this the norm?  Was kind of dangerous with the High School boys balls flying all over the place"


Letter from John to the Basketball commissioners.

I wish I could personally read this letter tonight, but I am away in very sunny Florida.

I want to express my gratitude to both Myra and Chuck as basketball commissioners.

This council is so fortunate to have these 2 outstanding volunteers.

These are just a sample of the things they had to endure during the season:

Inclement weather cancellations by the school for the weekend, when predicated snow storm did not occur.

With one week notice, all indoor usage must be cancelled due to the middle school’s HVAC project – which is just before play-offs.

The remote to lower the basketball rims was locked in the Athletic Director’s office during play-offs.

A school called rec office at 4 PM and leaves a message to inform us about a special event that evening and we need to cancel all indoor usage. Of course, the office does not receive the message until the next day.

Teams arrive to play and they find the middle or high school gym is an absolute mess with pizza boxes, drink containers and trash scattered all over the place, since they had a game earlier that day

The lights go out in a middle of a game and staff does not have keys to switch.

Leader’s car broke down and his substitute is ½ hour late in arriving and it is below 30 degrees outside with 30 players, coaches and parents waiting.

But, did that deter these commissioners. Did they call to complain and threaten to quit. Absolutely not, they were very resourceful in overcoming these obstacles.

Thank you Myra and Chuck.


Carolyn, Planning for Mega Sports and Arts Camp, Middle School Madness and Cheer Camp is underway.  All camps take place in June.

If someone is using the space, and you have a permit, they need to move along. If you are having trouble, can contact security at 443-809-6488

Brian, regarding facilities use request, should put new request for next school year. Unable to use during the summer.

Kiwanis will be giving a presentation directly following the meeting, raising money for playground equipment. All are welcome to stay.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm



Sean President of Kiwanis club, works with contractor to facilitate Playground construction targeting special needs. Work a lot with the county, so have an idea of processes. Want to replace one playground area at Hannah More Park.  County inspects equipment once year, if deemed unsafe, needs to be replaced. Designed to be usable by all children, including special needs children. Use community build, have the community come out and volunteer to help put the equipment together as a team. Foreman is CPS certified, oversee all the volunteers. After done, county inspects and approves them.

Bringing to RRC, need help with fundraising. Anyone who donates a certain amount of money will have name on equipment, name on sign. Program will need volunteers. Once get ball rolling with county, approvals, etc. overall project $150-160 thousand.

Council moves to approve. Tom will be your contact. 


1.11.2017 Reisterstown Rec Council General Board Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:03pm

Liz- Things look different tonight. The board is making some changes, we want to make this a more involved meeting, more fun, bring the community and programs together. We will go around the room. There are a lot of new faces tonight.

Paul Carr, Football: Off season, planning. Working on bringing in players from other communities.

Rachel Stroud, VP for Girls Sports:  No report

Danielle Stewart, Secretary, as well as Chair for Ballet:  info shared:

Mega Sports and Arts, Cheer and Madness Camps will begin in June.  Planning is underway.

Carolyn Kapus

Indoor Field Hockey is up and running and everything is going really well. 

There was one check request that I sent to Suzy so I am hoping she got that and everything is good. 

Sammie Jo Grove

Suzy Nunez, Treasurer: Over the next month or two will be sending out ledgers. Please look them over. Rec Council has several deposits unclaimed, need to match them up. If you see something in the ledger you are unsure of or think is missing please let her know. Also treasurer for football. Do not print checks at meetings. Please email them before meeting and can bring it or arrange a time to meet or have them sent where they need to go.

Liz Miller, President

Bob Frank, 1st VP: Welcome to our first party. There are  sandwiches and chips,  please enjoy. The board has decided we will host a tree lighting party in December, the 6th. Will decorate a xmas tree, light a menorah, have caroling... all by the tree sales. All programs welcome to participate. Spoke with high school and anyone else who would like to help to build a menorah. HS and MS will send out caroling groups.

Pat Naughton, Past President and Reisterstown Festival: Scheduled for  Sept 9-10, 2017. This will be its 31st year. Committee meets 3rd wed of the month . Always looking for volunteers to come help. Especially need help with set up and tear down.

Tim Miller, Christmas Tree Sales and Garden: Sales fund scholarships. Won't be able to fund many this year. Missed a lot of faces this year. Out of a total of 18 nights, Tim worked 6 of them. Needed more volunteers.

Laura Himes, Girls Softball: Started indoor practice this past Saturday at the Sportsplex. Had a variety of ages. Registration is open until beginning of April, when outdoor starts.

Kimaada Battle and Diandra Parris, Cheer: Will email budget before beginning of February.

Larry Gellar, Senior Softball: Submitted budget, has been approved. Always looking for more players.

Myra Glover, Girls Basketball: In the middle of season, going well. Playing with girls in Owings Mills. Splitting games, half in Reisterstown, half in Owings Mills. Starting next year going to start using the refs that Chuck uses. Refs aren't showing up.

Kellie Jenkins, Ballet: Just started spring semester, first week back. Students are still registering.

Rob Schiavone, Barc Park: Current president stepping down. Carol Schneider will be taking the president seat. Brought budget. Need to get registration up by February 1st. Exec. Board will get it approved and back asap.

Helen Policar, Preschool Tiny Tots: Doing great. No news, glad to be back from holidays.

Mary Molinaro, Bloomin Artfest: Just opened registration, already have 5 vendors. May 13th 2017, Saturday before Mother's Day. Committee met last night to review planning ideas. 16-17 on committee. Next meeting is February 21st at 6 pm on Main Street. The new location will be Franklin Elementary on Cockeys Mill Rd.

Chuck Snee, Boys Basketball: In the middle of the season. Do not have issues with referees. Everything going well. Payments for refs, no issues.

Andy Palladino, Baseball, with Jim Yarsky, Treasurer: Started registration for the season coming up. Got approval for hit, pitch, & throw contest, will coordinate it , maybe winners can feed into regional contest.

Bill Harris & Sam Durphy, Boxing: Nothing to report right now, 10th year for boxing, had a national champion in one of the classes from past years.

Marty Vailati, Lacrosse: Just wrapped indoor winter season, went well. Working with Suzy and John to get the spring season going. Will get the budget in asap. Getting ready for spring.

Bruce Gerlach, Adult Volleyball: Slow right now. Winter is the in between the season, hard to get the adults in to play.

Brad Trellis, Indoor Soccer: End of preseason this week. Currently have 400 players, 34 teams, 64 coaches. Starting games this weekend. Also working with Billy Berman.

Billy Berman, Field Hockey (Indoor Soccer) with Glen Hetrich. Will also be working with Wayne Tromble (not present). Been working with Field Hockey for 3-4 years. Great sport for young ladies. 2nd grade to 8th grade

Shanie Nelson, Reisterstown Theater Project: Usually do shows in the spring and fall. Took spring off because of the A.C. project at the Middle School. Now it seems that they are planning to do the ac in the summer.

Larry Lightenauer, Men's Pick-up Basketball: At Cedarmere Elementary since 1992. Everything is smooth.

Brian McMullen, Sylvan STEM Programs:  Hoping to get the programs up and running. Approved at Glyndon and Franklin Elementary schools. Glyndon computer coding. Visual basic coding program. At Franklin, robotics, hands on, building. Shooting for the 25th of January to start. As soon as have enrollments, will begin. 4 week program, $99.

Liz note- if after school activities are canceled, the program will not be able to run.

Tom Montanye, Wresting: Season in high gear. Novice team and higher team doing well, coaches and wresters are in good shape. Franklin having a big tournament this weekend, helping with that. Not many MD college wrestling teams, taking a field trip to see match at McDaniel. Take time to watch some of the high school matches during practices. Also started registration for the spring program to help increase interest in wrestling program. 1 week night per week for 6 weeks. Registration for that will be up and running in the next few days

John Eubank, Community Supervisor, Dept of Rec. Office hours 10-3.Ddo not have a fax machine any more. Hired Lynn Masters, new  administrative aide, filling Annie's position. She got right to work. This weekend had problems with the web info, did not get info that activities were canceled. BCPS / Board of Education has been making decisions about canceling weekend activities due to weather over the past few years. Decision is no longer up to us.  Sportsplex is up to us.

Liz Miller, President: We are trying to shake things up. We want people to come back, want them to want to volunteer. Goal is to make things as fun as possible. We do not need to come to a meeting every month. If there is anything urgent we will contact. Our next meeting for general council is March 8th, march madness. May 10th, going to have RRC t-shirts for everyone. Still working on finalizing everything. We are open to suggestions, would love to hear them. Suggested that programs might want to host a meeting, share what your program is about. For example, Shanie and Reisterstown Theater Project, could incorporate a skit of some kind, let people see what your program is about.

We have a new email address,, send to that email to get in contact with anyone from the board.

Training info...

Baltimore County Recreation & Parks has a contract with Towson Sports Medicine to train their full-time staff in Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  The Executive Board agreed to pay $5.00 per person for all of the part-time staff and any other Council volunteers to be trained as well.  If you are interested in this training please send an email to Lynn at the Recreation Office at Lynn

Melody from Groupnet sent updated background check . Danielle will send this out. Everyone that volunteers must do the background check every year. Only have to do it once, if you are volunteering in multiple programs. We are working on verifying the "year " time frame.Trying to make the budget process easier, more streamlined. We will have specific meetings where we meet just to approve budgets. We are going to work backward from the date you want your registration up by to create a date to have it due. We want to make sure we are getting them approved and back to programs in a timely manner. Exec. board still meeting monthly. General Meetings will start at 7pm.

Tonight we have a $200 gift certificate for Keccos, new Reisterstown Restaurant.

Pat drew the door prize, Cheerleading won.

Pat moves to adjourn, Paul 2nd the motion. Adjourned at 8:53


December General Board Meeting

Called to order @ 8:10pm


Fall program is almost over. Last week was our parent visitation week and our Kid's Night Out fundraiser. Had a nice group show up for that. Our Holiday Party is this weekend. All our dancers are looking forward to performing for their families.

Our registration is scheduled to go up soon. Our recital theme has been chosen. We are doing under the sea.  Sending an email to John to reschedule our "backup" date for Randallstown CC, to match up with our Franklin recital date.

Shanie, RTP: No report

Thank you to RTP for rearranging the flats at the barn

Rachel: No report

Suzy: No report

Tom, Wresting: 2nd weekend. Goinf well. A lot of attendance and everyone showed up. Issues at Franklin, bathroom's empty of supplies. Otherwise everything good.

Myra, Girls Basketball: 183 registered girls basketball, almost same teams as before. Will be playing OM, only have 1 or 2 in house teams. A little drama, but no complaints.

Chuck, Boys Basketball: Couple weeks of games. Question about FMS... Is the aux gym supposed to be open when there are games? When they are playing, kids coming in not in the program and using the aux gym. If they get hurt, it's on them. No, should not be open. Will close it. Also, in future, need more chairs. They are disappearing from everywhere. If program purchases more, they will walk, too, unless we chain them to the cage. Had a donation of chairs and they all have disappeared. As a program, may buy a controller so that can use the scoreboard.

Andy, Baseball:  Just opened registration today.

Dog park. No drama, president is stepping down, will be a new president in January. Possibly Carolyn? Can get a copy of balance sheet? Joseph robert schiavone, vp. send balance sheet to him.

Brad, Indoor Soccer: Registration almost full. Next week first on-field activities. When Leann left, had to move the storage from the sportsplex. Not sure what to do with old shirt uniforms from storage. Will not match current color, size, style. Maybe donate to a program in another community. Council gives permission to give them out, donate them, whatever you need to do to clear out your storage space. Wife is VP of OM PTA program. They want to give a donation to the safe after prom program.

Laura, Softball: Registration is up, 13 people registered. Already have 1 full team registered. Indoor season starts soon. Suzy received Mary's bill. As soon as have enough registrations to cover, will pay it.

John, Staff: Got an admin aide picked out, hopefully will be on board before the end of the year.

Council: do not have the details of the holiday party yet. Will send it out. Should be the first Friday of January.

Myra: Thank you to Suzy for getting us paid quickly.

Meeting adjourned 8:25pm



11/2016 General Board Meeting

Called to Order at 8:05 pm

Paul- Football. Down to Saturday Super Bowls. 4 teams participating at multiple levels. If successful, will participate in leagues statewide, free with donation to a food drive.

Tom- Wresting. First practice tonight, will run through early February - late march.

Rachel- Nothing to Reports

Suzy- Treasurer. When you are putting your budget together please send an email requesting statements so that you have the actual amounts and balances from last year's program. Budgets need to match statements better.

Danielle- Secretary. Report from Adult Volleyball:

 The fall league has finished regular season play, and will complete the end of season tournament on Monday, November 14.  The league would like to thank the girls rec basketball program again for allowing volleyball to use Franklin middle school gym from 7PM on that night.  Anyone interested in watching the highest level coed adult volleyball in the area is welcome to come to Franklin Middle on Monday the 14th.  Matches start at 7:30PM. Winter pickup volleyball begins Monday, November 21, 9M to 11PM.

Chuck- Boys basketball. Season started. Drafts and evals have started. Games will start in the beginning of December. Question for John: In the past have held meetings to go over what is expected from the leaders. Chuck stopped by a gym, new leader was in parking lot smoking and players had all the balls all over the gym. Need to have a meeting to go over things with new leaders, need to know the rules. Going to cost a lot of money losing equipment with unsupervised use of game balls.

Liz states that council want to use ref pay this season. Andrew, head of refs, needs to contact Suzy.

Andre- Girls Basketball. There has been a large drop in registration. Had evals last weekend, and next weekend.

Keith bond for Jalen- Mens Pickup Basketball. Need to pick up check and drop off deposit.

Andy- Baseball.  Just finished fall season. Budget approved for spring.

Kellie-Ballet. Will be doing costume sale this coming Monday. Classes running well. Approved for Franklin High School for recital in spring.

Shanie- Reisterstown Theater Project. Finished Honk. Taking hiatus because they will be putting in ac. Thank you to John and staff for all their help. Some issues about locked doors and bathrooms being locked. Need to put bathrooms on the permit request forms in the future.

Kellie needs to add revision to include bathrooms for permits.

Brad-Indoor Soccer. There are currently 220 registered as of now. Will start end of December. There are new lights and nets in Sportsplex.

Pat- Reisterstown Festival is over. It went well. Should have next year's budget by next meeting. Haven't had a meeting since September.

Per Pat: Tim on Xmas Tree Sale. Trees will arrive Friday after Thanksgiving. Sales start the following Monday. Would like help unloading truck. Sales are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Danielle will be sending mass email for signups for volunteers. Also, Tim was inducted into the National Youth Soccer Hall of Fame.

John-No county news

Liz- Went to the County Presidents Meeting for Region 1

All regional parks now have a new person in charge. There is a hierarchy of who gets priority of fields, and if 2 rec programs have the same "weight", there will be a lottery. Please go through John to get area requests where they need to go.

For tournaments, requesting 6 months notice at a regional park; there is a grandfather clause for long-running tournaments, but should still check permit requests.

County is making changes to background check process. Printing brochure now. as of October 1st. volunteers need to register the 1st of the year. Now will list approved people by council and alphabetized. Adding some additional reasons for having a background check fail.  Councils will need to be responsible for checking and signing off that all are registered.

AC projects are giving 3-4 week notice to programs that will be effected by the project. If asbestos is found in school, will not be able to have program there until done. Case by case notice.

New Behavior Policy-County staff will need to investigate and make decisions about behavior issues, required to be nice but firm about it.

Council is still working on volunteer manual. It is almost complete.

Program needed to use Sportsplex room - wanted to charge $50 for it. Liz went to region 1 coordinator, will be investigated.

Budgets-  looking to coordinate a budget calendar. Danielle will be sending out an email requesting when you want to have your registration open, and we will back it up to figure out when you need to have your budget into the board. We will let you know when on the schedule your budget will need to be in and when it will be reviewed.

Brad- If volunteers signed up last year, should they sign up before it starts? Yes, so that the background check doesn't expire in the middle of season.

If your program is displaced because of the ac installation, your program will be found a new facility as close as possible as soon as possible. Can John get more information about how the ac projects will interfere with programs?

Shanie is going to send info to Liz regarding what she needs for show to run, to possibly find another location because of the uncertainty regarding when the AC project will happen at FMS.

Rob- Girls Field Hockey. Season wrapped up 2 weeks ago, slowly bringing in all equipment. Successful season, 89 kids, no injuries and no major complaints. Will reach out to the guys taking over the program. Rob has a transitional list/packet for Rachel.

Question asked: Can one non-profit 501(c)(3) organization make a donation to another 501(c)(3) organization? Yes

Alan Catlett making presentation from Sylvan. Expanding tutoring program. There is a big gap from school to workforce. This program will be bringing STEM to community. Would like to offer courses in the elementary schools after school for a 4 week program at a time. Presentation attached.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 pm


General Board Meeting 10/19/2016 

Meeting start @ 8:10

John. Introduce Cara Baldwin. Regional Coordinator, Region 1 Office in Pikesville Middle. Reisterstown Office and Owings Mills Office condensing. Anything she can do to help out, feel free to reach out. Priority zones have not changed at our regional facility. If 2 priority users request a field for same time/date, lottery system used.  Looking to use facilities within community before using regional facilities. Construction within the community will affect some of these programs, and will need to be moved to regional centers.

Tom-Wresting. Registering now. Slow start to registration. Will start in November

Indoor Field hockey- Budget approved tonight. Will start registration in November.

Baseball- Submitted budget.

Outdoor field hockey- Will finish up Sunday. Doing a fundraiser. Last official meeting. 3 new taking up reins. Will be at next meeting.  Glenn Patrick, Wayne Tromble, and Berman . Need to go through equipment. Have given instructions and emails.

Boxing- Started back up, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for 1 hour. Started last month. Now co-ed. Enrollment is 12-14 people, ages 15 and up.

Ballet- Permits approved for Franklin HS for recital this year, with Randallstown as backup.

RTP- Working on HONK, story of the ugly duckling. All kids cast. Opening on the 28th of November. RTP will be a victim of the AC project, so going to take a hiatus. Know there is stuff at the barn to move, working on solution. Carol will check with property management to see if anything else needs to be moved. Picnic tables can be moved, county properties. Planning to get a storage unit at the school, but need to wait until the ac is installed. Per Ms. Maul, after AC is done, can put a storage unit on property. Will wait to hear if they need to move anything additional.

Girls basketball- In the middle of registering. Numbers are very low. Haven't set a deadline. Have 62 registered now, usually have 200. Have sent out a program wide email. Contact middle school to send out info about the program. Have the little ones registered in a new program, 23 littles registered. Spoke with Kevin from Owings Mills program. Going to play each other for in house games to add interest. Going to create a schedule that include Owings Mills and Reisterstown together. His younger girls are going to do travel, so may be a little more competitive. Bob suggests working details out for ref pay between the two programs. Finished with travel tryouts, had so many try out, so many cuts. Cannot create another team. Parents suggested having an outside person come in and evaluate. 

John- Can we do more than the quarterly newsletter? How can we reach out to the schools and get our programs out to the community? Can make contact of PTSA programs, give flyers to players, and they can distribute. Maybe get on the Facebook page for the schools.

Rachel- We need to have a media person. Can we work with a college student as an intern with volunteer hours and help them create a portfolio. It would be through each Rec office.

Need to create a Rec Facebook page. Problem would be who would run it?

Boys basketball- Numbers down across the board. People are using their equipment. Need to have that taken care of, otherwise the equipment ends up missing. Had evals last week, makeup tonight. Coaches meeting next Monday, drafts Tuesday/Wednesday, should be up and running by 1st week in November.

Bob- Tim says Christmas tree sales start November 28th. Please talk to your people to take a couple of nights. Rec works Monday thru Thursday. American Legion does Saturday and Sunday. Need people for drop off, early Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. He is going to send out a bulk email for sign ups. Danielle will help coordinate

Rachel- Girls softball out of season. November will have pitching clinic, December registration, January starts, mandatory practice

Football- On last week regular season, playoffs to follow

John- Reisterstown has the best community as far as school cooperation. So impressed with cooperation. Annie left. If you know anyone, send them John's way. Signs still posted wrong, at Hannah More, waiting for them to be fixed.

Cara- November 26th, Region 1 meeting will be held at Reisterstown Sportsplex. Liz will be attending.

Motion to adjourn at 9:02pm


9/14/16 General Board Reisterstown Rec Meeting

Meeting started at 8:11pm

Annie is leaving us. She received a promotion. Gift of a money tree with card. She will be missed. Congratulations Annie!

Charlyne Maul. Principal for FMS. Wanted to let us know that she is from Baltimore county, played rec ball. Was raised on Baltimore County rec and parks and her kids play on rec. Believes schools are meant to have children in them. FMS new motto: Takes a village to raise a child. Bringing members from the community into the school so the kids understand what is out there. Want teachers to go out and see kids play on rec teams. More adults we have showing support for the school, the better. Wants involvement from the community in the school. Would love info sent to the school to promote outside activities. Can send info to be posted to the website by Josh Wilson. Send email to to have items posted. Possibly combine funds to put up new sign.

Welcome. First meeting back. Introductions:

Tom-VP in charge of non-sports (theater project, dog park). Rachel-VP girls sports. Frank-VP, past treasurer. Suzy-Treasurer. Liz-President. Danielle-Secretary.  Paul Carr-VP youth male sports.

Chuck: Boys basketball is open. Had a person register, same day wants a refund. Want to make sure that fees are being taken out of refunds. Refunds are made by check unless chargeback-dispute process. Need to have info on site that refunds will be less the fees. Up to each program. Want to know how much is charged. Can contact Gina regarding fees, likely $2 per person plus 2% per credit card. Check requests: Suzy will cut the check and mail it unless otherwise specified.

Andy: Started fall baseball this past Sunday. Registration at 120 with 2 teams. Play on Saturday and Sunday. In house. Not travel.

Bruce: Adult volleyball. Started past Monday. 3 teams. 31st year. League plus pick up.

Rob: Field hockey. First game last Sunday. Going well aside from a couple of incidents at the high school using foul language and brandished bb gun. Spoke with local precinct. If there are any further issues, instructed to call the police in the future. Will play to end of October this year. Have 3 guys that will be taking over the program next year.

Andre filling in for Mira for girls basketball. Will be doing k-1 this year.Eexcited for working with the younger kids. Coed. Program is interested in enhancing the girls basketball skills-work with the FMS basketball coach to bridge the 2 together. Jackie Gordon FMS basketball coach, would likely be interested in this. For John, girls basketball interested in playing with other rec councils to play a couple of games during for the season. Up to the councils to work together to coordinate schedules.

Kellie: Ballet. Have 65 registered. Some of the lower classes have filled up and wait list. Looking for a recital space for this year. Would love to stretch out to invite middle and high school students to see what we do. Our space has been too small to offer this at our recitals. Possibly offer small recital/show to the students. Fashion show last year in the gymnasium, possibly a good venue to have a few dancers. Possibly revisit FHS talent show. Budget will be submitted ASAP.

Ray Burris:  Northwest Soccer club. Combined with other clubs and new name. Also helps with Lacrosse with Marty. To Ms. Maul: is it possible to come in during lunch or an assembly to bring information about the sports being offered through the rec programs. Some changes to the website, will give updated contact info.

Jenn Fergusen: New girls softball; very excited to be part of it. Pitching camp will start November 15th. Moved it up because of election. Will be at Glyndon elementary.

Heidi Connely: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, came to support Ms. Maul. Thursdays before school starts and Tuesdays after school offers Campus Life program.  Athletes participate in fun activities. Can find more information at

John: Since July 1st, Northwest Regional is no longer under John's supervision. Owings Mills is also being managed by John now. Annie is leaving, so John will be very busy. Hours now in office 12-3.  Annie leaves after next Thursday, but will come back and help with the training. If there is  no transfer, will need to advertise and hire. It will be a long process. BCPS has new behavior rules in place. We now have new rules to cover this for our participants. 3 levels of offense. Taking this very seriously. Who is going to monitor these rules? Referees/ coaches/parents? The players are the "members". More will be discussed at the next meeting. This just came out today. Rec council sent this out. Will send a mass email to all in data base to. Please send all things you would like distributed to Ms. maul to John first, so he can verify it.

Tom: Wresting registration came out. Pre-season right now. Will go through March. See Tom if you are new to your program, so he can give you passwords/links for your page and info on maintaining it. Accounts are preset.

Pat: Announcement; ice skating classes now open at the sportsplex. Festival this past weekend. All exhausted. Weather cooperated. 8-10 thousand people in attendance, incl. parade, Donna the Buffalo, the fireworks. Every parking space in the park plus the elementary full for fireworks, not counting the HS and shopping. Sunday suffered slightly because of the ravens game. All in all a very successful festival.

Rachel: Nothing to report

Bob: Some teams have onfield events for giving awards, etc. A stage is now available to use for rental. Still needs a coat of paint.

Suzy: When sending check request, must send invoice in order to cut a check. If you would like to pick up a check, specify when sending the request. Will let know when it is sent.

Danielle: Marty; lacrosse report:  My name is Marty. I am the current Chairperson or Director or Commissioner or something (Come to think of it I do not know what the title is for what I do) for the Lacrosse program.

I am not sure if I can attend the meeting tomorrow night due to a Lacrosse meeting already scheduled so I wanted to send you and all copied on this email an update as to where the Lacrosse program currently stands….

 1. Lyle and I moved all the old equipment from his storage area to FMS cage in which Boxing has graciously allowed me to share with them. I have a lot of old, outdated and non-safety compliant equipment to dispose of still.

 2. Lacrosse Co-Director, Dana Loverde, has stepped down Leaving and leaving just me. Dana Loverde 

Being new and still unfamiliar with the operational functions, winter lacrosse is becoming just like Spring Lacrosse.

A lot of work (about a minimum of 20 hours a week to as much as 30 as seasons close in)

 3. Winter Indoor Lacrosse. This year there are two major changes.

     a. we do not have any High School team sessions. Apparently there were issues last year with organizing it as well as player behavior issues so I was advised that it is not worth the “headache” to offer that particular age group.

     b. Scheduled season: There were issues last year with programs vying for time. Some programs complained that our program started to late and bumped theirs so the county moved indoor lacrosse to anywhere in between September -December.  Many Direct Area Rec councils now cannot participate due to kids already committed playing Football, Soccer and field hockey overlapping our season. I get it. I understand it. I have been just using my best guess and judgement to try to make it work and it has so far turned out “ok”. The 2016 schedule changes do approximately equate to a financial loss of $4500-$5000 for the Reisterstown Rec Lacrosse Program.

 4. Volunteers are very hard to come by.

 5. Changes in Rec Board and Rec indoor and school field administration: I know there have been some big re-organization internally but I do not know what exactly was changed or what effect it has on us.

 Overall I am just working on trying to keep the kids playing Lacrosse and develop a respect and love for the game.

This program is about the fun of Lacrosse, the sport of Lacrosse.

Letting kids be kids. - No scholarships are being handed out. - No endorsement deals will be signed.

No recruiter or teams are looking at draft picks. - We are here to play because we love the sport.

 Anyway Thanks for reading all this and I hope I can get out of my previous meeting soon enough to make it to the Rec Meeting.

Thanks! Marty

 Also Ray Burris Commented: Lacrosse will show up and find other teams playing on the field they are supposed to be using. Is there a way to come up with an online calendar, so that teams can see at a glance if a field is open, or if there is a field double booked. Schools have access to this info, but John does not.

Rob: Article in post, talks about how most kids at the age of 13, if not on a hs team, stop playing becasue they think they are not good at sports, and don't want to be bothered.

Meeting adjourned at  9:14 pm


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
3/12/14 - 8pm

Nancy (Summer Tots) – The budget was approved today, with registration going live today. Camp starts Wednesday Jun 25th.

Laura (Girls Softball) – Registration is ongoing and evaluations are on Sun 23rd March. Our numbers are down a little.

June (RTP) –Seussical opens March 21st and runs until April 5th

Challenger Soccer – Registration last year was through Challenger’s online system. Now we need to go through Youth Leagues? Yes, the County is insisting on the merge. We planned for 2 weeks in the summer. How can the Youth League costs be brought down? You can explore camp registration instead of program registration.

Sr. Softball – We have new members for a total of 21. We start in April 1st, weather permitting. For one thing, the fields need to dry out.

Quentin (Soccer) – We working on the combination with Pikeville Soccer, and we start as soon as the grass dries.

Ballet – We’re in Spring Session Registration; and our first performance is April 5th at a nursing home. All classes are working on the recital.

Franklin HS All Day Lacrosse Tournament – we’re holding a fund-raiser in February 2015. No problem, need to work out details afterwards. Budget APPROVED. EARLY Facilities request!!! They should send Rick the dates.

BarkPark – We are changing the access code on Friday. Our Birthday Party is on May 31st.

Boy Scouts Troup 315, who has worked with us before on trails at Hannah More. – They have dues but no fees. We have no reason not to adopt them, therefore they’ll have access to the Senior Center, without a Facilities Request. They need to talk to Annie regarding becoming an employee so they can have a key. Consider them affiliated as of today.

Jade/Kyle (Summer Playground) – Registration has been open for a month. Reisterstown Elementary. Shortened to 7 weeks. Going to Players as a new trip.

Keith (Gaming) – The January event had 130 people and was a great success. Now, weekly attendance has gone up to 25. The Senior Center is getting rekeyed. We had to pay for a broken table out of the 4 that broke during the January event. It will be paid out of collections.

Girls Basketball – We finished last Saturday with Fabulous finals. This was the1st year we had a Kindergarten -1st grade league. We’ll need to change to have the girls play up to 12th grade in Summer League, then Winter League. We had about ~200 kids.

Chuck (Boys Basketball)– We just finished a tournament last weekend; we played all weekend and had a blast. What a change since our season start delayed due to snow. We acknowledge at Franklin High School’s AD for all his help.

Jim (Baseball) – Registration was completed, with 440 kids and more still trickling in. Evaluations are ongoing and then the Draft. Apr 26th is Opening Day.

Tom (Wresting) – The tournament season is running now. We’re going to the state tournament, which is highly competitive, at St. Joe’s this Sunday. That winds up our season. Then we have the spring beginners season runs Spring Break to Memorial Day.

Lyle (Lacrosse) – A note about Wrestling – Franklin High School did exceptionally well this year, with kids that fed into their program from our own Raiders. Lacrosse is glad we have turf fields. We started March 1st and we are full except for the Kindergarten -1st grade group who start in April. We start games in a couple of weeks.

Pat – There were 6 budgets approved tonight. I’ll notify Youth Leagues tomorrow so that the registrations go live.

Bernie ( a team pictures company) – I have samples and forms available. I can bring in sponsors because of my connections with the retail board. My number is 410-477-7272.

Staff – Note that a lot of policies are changing and we have to pass the word onwards. We’re also getting a new John Deere diesel gator, with snow plow attachment.


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
1/8/14 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – Happy New Year! Nancy of Summer Tots is an Honoree who did not make it to the Volunteer Party. Thank you Nancy!

Lyle (Lacrosse) – The budget is approved, we’re waiting on registration to go live.

Liz (Dog Park - says it’s just as cold for pets as us.

Bob (RTP) – We casted 43-47 people for Seussical and are working on it now.

Chuck (Basketball) – We had a rough start and lost games. Some schools were closed one weekend which destroyed the schedule. We lost 50 games; and yet Board of Ed was “operating on normal activities”. Recommendation: “Call Vickie Almond…”

Bill (Karate) – We’re trying to keep it going. Are we not in the sportsplex any more? Where are we going? Glyndon, but we need more storage. Should we cancel until we have a spot? It’s just Mondays – we can figure out a space. We cleared out most of our stuff from storage.

Keith (Gaming) – We’re holding steady at 15 people. The first big event is at the end of January. Everyone invited to Winter Game Fest! Then we have the regular weekly meetings every Friday.

Nancy (Summer Tots) – We’re getting lots of calls, we need to submit a budget, and start registration end of February. The schedule is a question – primarily in June?!

Laura (Softball) – Registration is running and we see lots of new names. We may not be able to play against Upperco.

Baseball – Registration is up and running. We held the New Coaches meeting already.

Ballet – We started classes and registration still open. The Master Class is coming up and the Dancemasters Workshop too. Our Recital is The Seasons at Franklin HS, 1st Saturday in May, then the 1st Saturday in June.

Tim Miller – Thank you for helping with the Christmas Tree sales! We had a great outcome: $1826 and change to the American Legion. We sold 203 trees. We are getting garden calls already. The tent is still growing food and the 7 ft fence going up.

Sr. Softball – We’re putting a new team together. The season starts mid-April. We’re looking for people ages 60+.

Ed (Travel Softball) – We’re starting soon and we’re opening the conditioning session to in-house people.

Staff: Nothing new

Pat: Thank You!! Discussed our Honorees from the Christmas Party. We’ll be transfering money to the programs from the Festival. Kelly is home sick tonight. No budgets were looked at tonight.


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
12/11/13 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – We have a Presentation to Softball and Travel Softball for their services to soda/drink sales at the Reisterstown Festival over the years!

Bill (Boxing) – Classes are going well and we are having fun.

Ballet – We just had holiday party and our recital was announced. We’re winding up this session. Registration for January session and workshop will be up shortly.

Softball (Laura) – We have nothing left but selling trees, registration will go live maybe next week.

Tim – Tree Sales are going well, we have 2/3rd s paid off. The garden gets a 7ft fence soon to keep deer and groundhogs out. Under the tent, we got manure from Garrison Forrest to keep it warm.

Wrestling (Tom) – We are in full swing, our 1st home match is Saturday. 1 tournament another Sunday. ~ 50 people.

Finance (Kelly) – Getting Statements soon due to a move.

Girls Basketball (Josh) ~ 200 kids.

Liz –RTP completed auditions for Seussical and bought a 8ft-25ft trailer. We’ll be tearing off the storage for a movable stage. Anyone else need the storage? Hoops are fine. Zumba - right now, no issues. Soccer – finished the fall season, running the indoor season. We’re talking with Pikesville about moving.

Lauretta – I’m working on the ArtFest website.

Staff: Nothing new

Pat: Volunteer Holiday Party is at American Legion Post 116, on 1/3/14 at 7-11pm.


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
11/13/13 - 8pm

Kelly – I have everyone’s statements & blank forms for deposits and check requests. Also checks for Football & Wrestling.

Bob – RTP finishes Peter Pan & Wendy next weekend. Then we audition for Suessical in December.

Tim – 205 trees arrive November 30th; the Legion will sell weekends, we sell weekdays…looking for volunteers. The Community Garden is going great but has a groundhog problem. We’re growing veggies in a tent over the winter. We’re using the Under The Lights money for 7 ft. fencing.

Ed (Baseball) and Art – Finished season, had a small number of kids but good feedback. We’d like to play maybe on Sundays? Send us the budget.

Chuck (Basketball) – 450 kids, 4 Travel Teams, 15-17 year olds still open. Scheduling a coaches meeting soon.

Cheerleading – We took 1st and 3rd at the Nov 10th competition and we’ve scheduled the banquet for 23rd Nov.

Girls Basketball – Registered ~ 185 kids, 2 Travel Teams, grades 8-10 still open.

Zumba – We’ll be dropping the Tuesday class, might setup a Thursday calss if we can find room elsewhere.

Ballet – Enrollment is down. We need to fill staff positions. We’re planning a fund-raiser in January.

Bob (Field hockey) – We wrapped up the season with the Harvest Tournament.

Quentin (Travel soccer)- Finished up with 3 league and 2 tournament champions.

Bill (Karate) – Need to move the storage; talk to Rick.

Laura (Softball) – Out of Season but we have a Pitching Clinic through In-house softball: $50, 6:30-9:30pm.

Summer Tots (Nancy) – Questions already!

Gaming (Keith) – Attendance is up; planning an end of January Gamefest.
Staff: Forms are on the table, Neil has moved to Region 3 – we have Sue McCormack as Coordinator now. Indoor Soccer is registering.

President’s Desk:
• Introduced Mike Schneider, our expeditor at the County level. Also works on planning clinics.
• Holiday Party is 1/3/14 – all program chairs and dedicated program volunteers invited.


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
10/9/13 - 8pm

Tom (Wrestling) – Registration underway for the Reisterstown & Owings Mills area. The RRC website is up, if your program is not up there, email me.

Liz – Summer Tots is looking forward to summer & Senior Softball is off for the winter. Make sure we have your email addresses!

Lyle (Lacrosse) – Indoor Lacrosse just started at the Sportsplex.

Kelly – I have everyone’s statements & blank forms for deposits and check requests.

Bob – Cheerleading is finishing up the season, then switching to indoors. RTP starts Peter Pan & Wendy Nov 1-16. Then we put on Suessical in Spring.

Lauretta - Nothing new for ArtFest

Chuck (Basketball) – Still registering, some are waitlisted, depending on which age-group. There seem to be payment issues via iPad? Any questions about RefPay – should talk to Lee Ann. If they’re (registrations) not paid after evaluations, we will delete so they won’t be blocked. They can always re-register.

Cheerleading – We’re getting ready for Nov 10th competition. We have more collaboration with Football.

Girls Basketball – We are able to fill 2 travel teams, starting next week. All evaluations are scheduled, 10/15 is the end of registration.

Ed (Baseball) and Art – We are working on the budget for 2013/14. We need to reconcile the statements. Fall Ball will run through the end of October.

Deb & Eileen (BarcPark) – Next month it is 6 years since we opened! The landscaping is ongoing. We are partnering with the Humane Society. The dogs like the cooler weather. We are revising brochure for rules and regulations.

Laura (Softball) – We are out-of-season.

Pure Fun Hoops – We’re going well.

Zumba – We’re going well, we have a new instructor as a substitute. We’ll be dropping the Tuesday class for the 2 months she’s gone.

Ballet – We started and are in our 3rd week, with new instructors! We’re planning a November workshop.

Bill (Boxing) – We took the summer off, then started 3 weeks ago with 15 people and a waiting list. Currently there are no competitions, just fitness.

Football – We are 5 weeks in and starting the playoffs.

Bob (Field hockey) – We are 5 weeks in, and participating in tournaments.

Quentin (Travel soccer)- We’re having fun.

Staff: Not much is new. We have approval to move into Neill’s office. Anyone who wants to use the turf fields in winter get your request in NOW.

Pat – The Festival was a month ago; it was nice to have 2 days and we got great feedback.

President’s Desk:
• Tim Miller’s mother-in-law passed last Monday. We’re sending card & paying for the after-funeral event munchies.
• Everyone! We need to be careful of head, spine and general injuries! Err on the side of caution. We don’t know how the County will rule. We may be sued personally. For any collisions, call the ambulance, don’t move them!
• There are no Positive Coaching Alliance events scheduled currently. We need to setup for Basketball’s new coaches.


Reisterstown Recreation Council Meeting
General Meeting
Hannah More Cafeteria
9/11/13 - 8pm

Pat (Festival) – WELCOME!

Lauretta (ArtFest) – The non-profit booths need to be separated from for-profits.

Tom (Wrestling) – Registration opened starting last week.

Liz – Boxing took the summer off, will start next Monday.

Bob (RTP+Girls sports) - RPT is doing well. Turning of the Shrew turned a profit. We’re working on Peter Pan in November.

Kelly - Statements/registers are available for all. There are some checks that did not clear, plus some deposits from the lockbox. Come pick up your program’s…

Chuck – Basketball started, we had travel tryouts last week.

Girls Basketball – Stacey had a kid, so we’re splitting up duties. We finished Summer league; both pickup & camp. Now we’re going by grades not ages and we plan 3 travel leagues. New chairs need to make sure the board has your email addresses.

Andy(Fall Baseball) – 2-3 teams each league, and a travel team too. 2 weeks from now we have a clinic at Baseball Warehouse. Next season we think we’ll have an 8 and under travel team. Jim is taking over from Art. Make sure to get in touch with Melody…

Deb (BarcPark) - nothing new.

Rachel (Ballet) – The summer session was not run, we were in the parade and ran a drink booth at the Reisterstown Festival. We are in the middle of re-staffing. The schedule and registration should be up in the next 2 weeks. We are planning for master classes. We might also have a Yoga teacher, is that OK? OK. We’re passing out brochures for discounted tickets at the Hippodrome.

Cheer Camp – We have 40 girls, registration closed for now. We took 1st place in the parade floats!!

Helene(Tiny Tots) - We are 2 weeks in and filled to capacity. Helene worked with Nancy this past summer.

Nancy – We had a fabulous staff, and a wonderful & safe summer. We already have requests for next year. We did have to deal with weather event alerts.

Bob(Field Hockey) - Our games started last week. We have 119 girls.

Susie(Football) – We have our 3rd game this coming weekend. JP has resigned so we are re- staffing. We plan on 3 people. We just ended a fundraiser.

Jackie(It’s Gametime) – This was our 3rd summer and we added an extra week. We had 150 with lots of repeat kids.

Clinton(Soccer) – We started this past weekend. We have about 112 kids.

Staff: Introduced Ed Stanley on staff. He will still be a chair/volunteer too.

Pat: The Festival went extremely well. We had 100 regular booths for 2 days! The Kids’ Area was back and all involved in that were happy.